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Design team:
our own design studio can provide client with our own original innovative design catered to our client’s specific requirement and fully support during product development. Additionally, based on your own design, we are also able to work out the function & structure improvement. Our project engineer will also ensure the original innovative design to be realizable in mass product. For prestige brands, we are specialized to embody the anti-counterfeit technology into our original innovative design. So that we are able to make our clients different from their competitors.

Our own printing and packaging factory:

Based on our own printing and packaging factory, we are able to supply our customers with competitive price, high quality products, flexible manufacturing schedule and customized service.

Rich experience in supply chain management team:

Except for our own factories, we integrate the core competitive strength from our strong supplier network; our internal professional departments: creative design team, rich experienced project engineer team, quality assurance & control team, logistic team. And then building the most competitve supply chain to serve our great customers. So that the high quality, on time delivery and optimal cost-effective can be ensured.  


Our standard workflow:  

Design (based on marketing analysis & positioning, brand culture study, product packaging design, material selection, structure design, functional improvement, graphic design, shining effect surface processing application and so on):


Development stage: predict the potential risk during the mass production and clear the risk in advance:


Sourcing strategy and supplier evaluation:



Manufacturing and on-site production monitor:









The famous brands who have trusted us: 


wine packaging | wine box | for famous wine brands:





Cosmetic packaging | cosmetic boxes | for famous cosmetic brands:



Food packaging | for famous gourmet brands: 





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