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Food packaging:


Food packaging means packaging food stuff. There are a lot of categories in food packaging. For example: primary packaging(food direct contact), secondary packaging; category by product packaging: wine packaging, chocolate packaging, candy packaging, snack packaging, confectionery packaging, meal box, lunch box, beverage/drink packaging and so on; category by packaging material: paper box, wooden box, eco box, bamboo box, plastic box, tin box etc. Pisourcing dedicated to the following fields in food packaging: keep food stuff inside packaging box sanitary, non-toxic & food safe; display the food in natural, healthy & hi-quality way, marketing the food and brand & enterprise, promote the value of food via the packaging box, protect the food stuff inside and so on.

The great value of our food packaging is listed:

Food safety for food direct contact packaging: Pisourcing apply the edible plant base material to food packaging via our high technology, so that the food safety can be guaranteed by packaging box. For example: using edible plant base material to produce protective packaging instead of plastic blister, vacuum platform made of edible plant base fiber as replacement of plastic blister, edible vegetable base ink replace chemical oil base ink, edible starch base glue replace chemical glue and so on. Meanwhile, the food packaging box made of natural material creates natural & bio and wellness appearance.

Eco-friendly: As the consumption of food packaging is very huge, our environment suffers from pollution after the disposal of food packaging. Pisourcing pioneered eco-friendly concept to food packaging, we make the food packaging box be 100% biodegradable & compostable after disposal. Such as: food packaging box block made of recycle chip board or natural wooden and so on, wrapping the packaging box block by paper certificated by FSC, using water base ink which is environment-friendly and etc.

User-friendly, transporation convenience, high-qualtity presentation: user-friendly and transportation convenience & high-quality presentation became the main trends of food packaging world. Responding to these trends of food packaging, Pisourcing has created the original innovative packaging designs which highly respect these trends.

Building the great enterprise image of eco-friendly, food safety:  Via eco-friendly packaging & food safety guarantee, your great enterprise image will be built and popularized widely, so that the marketing share will be promoted dramatically.

Original & innovative design: By the means of our original & innovative design in modelling design & graphic design, we make you different from your competitors and develope the potential value of your products & brand.  


Let’s dream of healthy, natural & green life together with Pisourcing via our food packaging! 

Food packaging
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