Introduction of ECOPACK


ECOPACK | Eco-friendly packaging:

Ecopack mean application of eco-friendly concept to packaging, so that the product packaging become sustainable. It's also called sustainable packaging or green packaging. Its meaning cover reduction of CO2 emission, recycle, biodegradable & compostable. In order to ensure product packaging eco-friendly, Pisourcing apply natural resource material to packaging box. Such as plant base fiber & starch base polymer to produce packaging box, vegetable base ink replace traditional oil base ink, using glue made of edible starch base material and so on.


The great values of ecopack lie in:

Natural protection for food safety: 

In Food direct contact packaging provided by PIsourcing, packaging box is made of natural & edible plant base material. So it is non-toxic, food safe. Comparison with normal packaging box, it is the natural protection to keep food stuff sanitary from pollution by normal packaging box. Additionally, ecopack is able to create the natural, sanitary & healthy feeling due to its natural appearance & aroma. 

Enviromental protection:

As eco-friendly packaging is made of natural plant base material from natural resource, it is 100% biodegradable & compostable. So packaging box | become sustainable, eco-friendly and protect our enviroment and our only one earth. 

Building eco-friendly image for enterprise & brands:

After embeded eco-friendly concept into product packaging, your products, your brands, your enterprise will present in eco-friendly way and eco-friendly packaging will help you build the eco-friendly image of enterprise.


Let’s dream of green life together with Pisourcing via ecopack!


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