Introduction of wine box

 Wine packaging|wine box:


Wine packaging|wine box| means product packaging| for wine/champagne/vodka/cognac/rum and so on. Function of wine packaging|wine box|:

*Food safe & non-toxic for wine primary packaging;

*Protect wine/wine bottle during transportation;

*Beautifying the wine brands/wine products;

*Dig out the potential value of wine brand/wine products;

*Display the wine in luxury way.


The main trends of wine packaging|wine box| are eco-friendly, user-friendly or user-convenient, luxury display but concise packaging.


The advantage of wine packaging|wine box in Pisourcing:

Original & innovative packaging design:

 we have the innovative packaging design team to provide original & innovative packaging design, including branding planning, logo design, wine bottlemodelling design, structure & graphic design.

Eco-friendly, natural & bio concept:

We highly respect eco-friendly, natural & bio concept in wine packaging from packaging design to logistic, from product packaging development to product packaging life cycle.

Custom packaging solution:

tailor-to wine brands/wine enterprise requirement, we offer the whole packaging solutions: such as material selection, eco-friendly concept, natural & bio concept, structure design, special function solution, production processing solution and so on.

Strong supply chain management:

we have an experience engineer team & sourcing team to manage the whole supply chain, from raw material development/products development and sourcing, quality assurance to logistic.


Let’s dream of luxury but eco-friendly life in wine industry because of Pisourcing’s wine packaging|wine box. 

wine box
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