Introduction of starch

Starch base materials are widely used in packaging nowadays. Responding to eco-friendly & food safe trends of world packaging, Pisourcing apply starch base materials to food safe packaging, ecopack, sustainable packaging. Cornstarch base material include PLA, CPLA,ABDP and so on. All of them are made of edible plant: cornstarch. Cornstarch base material are absolutely food safe, natural & healthy. Ecopack made of starch base material become the strong security guard for food safe. Cornstarch base material are also 100% biodegradable & compostable after disposable and keep our enviroment sustainable.So via application of starch base material to product packaging, you can win the great enterprise's eco image as well as responsible image for food safe packaging. It is one of the greatest concept to promote your products & brands in today's market.

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Custom eco friendly cosmetic product packaging bottles made of biodegradable and compostable bioplas
wholesale compostable food grade chocolate candy display packaging gift boxes for Lenotre |
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