Introduction of cosmetic box

Cosmetic packaging|cosmetic box:


Cosmetic packaging means product packaging for cosmetic, including cosmetic bottle, cosmetic tube, cosmetic packaging box and so on. Due to the specialty of cosmetic packaging, healthy & sanitary/non-toxic become the most important part of primary packaging, such as cosmetic bottle, cosmetic tube etc. Meanwhile, beautifying the cosmetics/cosmetic branding is also the main task of cosmetic packaging. Nowadays, user-friendly & eco-friendly also become the main trends of cosmetic packaging.


The great value of cosmetic packaging in Pisourcing:

Natural & bio concept:

Via natural & bio concept: Pisourcing respect nature & bio, healthy, sanitary, non-toxic highly in cosmetic packaging (special for primary packaging).

Original innovative design beautify your cosmetics/cosmetic brand:

Our original innovative design in modeling/graphic and branding marketing planning endue your cosmetic/cosmetic brands with new bionergy.

Custom packaging solution:

Our custom packaging solution & anti-counterfeiting technology will make you different from your competitors and protect you from counterfeiting.

Building the eco-friendly image for enterprise/brand/cosmetic:

Application of eco-friendly concept, we are able to make cosmetic packaging|cosmetic box eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable & compostable. So that we help you build the eco-friendly image for your enterprise/brands/cosmetics. 


Let's dream of luxury and natural & healthy life in personal care via our cosmetic packaging|cosmetic box. 

cosmetic box
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Luxury Golden paper cosmetic packaging boxes Australia style for Estee Lauder| (Ladder structure)
custom luxury cosmetic packaging gift boxes design for V&R (clamshell structure)
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