Golden paper cosmetic packaging boxes Australia style for Estee Lauder| (Ladder structure)
  • Golden paper cosmetic packaging boxes Australia style for Estee Lauder| (Ladder structure)
  • Product Performance:Estee Lauder cosmetic box, paper box in ladder structure, luxe box made of golden fancy paper.
  • Product Apply:cosmetic packaging, cosmetic display, cosmetic display, cosmetic protective packaging, cosmetic brand & enterprise marketing.
Detailed Description

Golden paper cosmetic packaging boxes Australia style for Estee Lauder |:


MOQ: 5000pcs;

Brand: Estee Lauder;

Feature: Ladder structure generate 2 layers to reserve more empty cosmetic containers| and main way to advertise the luxury quality of cosmetic content. Gold foil paper which simulate the skin of lizard make your cosmetic upgrade to luxury level.


Cosmetic packaging concept|: original innovative cosmetic packaging design | luxury cosmetic packaging concept display |.


Material and product craft: golden fancy paper simulate the skin of golden lizard, bring the natural feeling to your cosmetic. flocking blister protect cosmetic containers and create the feminine feeling to satisfy the taste of beauty market. Estee Lauder logo is printed on flocking blister. The classy handmade craft plus elegant cosmetic packaging material selection represent the best promotion ambassador to demonstrate luxury cosmetic.


Cosmetic packaging boxes structure |: The large paper gift boxes | adopt ladder structure or call layers structure, this structure allow more cosmetic jars packaged inside the cosmetic packaging boxes | and display the cosmetic sense of hierarchy. 


Custom cosmetic packaging solutions |: This is one of custom packaging solutions for famous cosmetic brand Estee Lauder |. Multiple material application, structure design, shape, color, packaging and printing craft application are bespoke as per our original innovative cosmetic packaging design |. 


Application: luxury cosmetic display | drive customers be willing to pay more for your cosmetic because of the credible quality of cosmetic boxes| luxury cosmetics brand marketing upgrade your cosmetic and brand image improve the shopping experience creative design and luxury packaging | display win ferminine favor. 


Add value: Pi sustainable packaging is the professional luxury cosmetic packaging boxes companies|, who endue new life to cosmetic products/brands via our original innovative cosmetic packaging design|graphic design|model shape design|custom cosmetic packaging solutions| etc. Our one stop service include not only luxury cosmetic packaging boxes | but also glass or plastic cosmetic bottles | cosmetic containers | cosmetic jars |. So that we help you save the purchasing cost and improve your purchasing efficiency. 


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