Personalized wholesale wine packaging oval boxes supplies for Crown Royal |
  • Personalized wholesale wine packaging oval boxes supplies for Crown Royal |
  • Product Performance:innovative wine packaging boxes design are formed of ellipse shape paper tube | 100% biodegradable and compostable material application to wine packaging gift boxes | special color tone matching create royal quality and multiple elegant post printing craft decoration.
  • Product Apply:wine brand broadcast, wine promotion, wine protective and wine demonstration.
Detailed Description

Personalized wholesale wine packaging oval boxes supplies for Crown Royal |:

MOQ: 5000pcs;

Brand: Crown Royal belonged to famous wine brand DIAGEO;


Custom wine product packaging concept |: luxury wine packaging | eco-friendly packaging | ecopack | sustainable packaging | original innovative wine product packaging design | concepts;

Customize wine packaging boxes material and printing craft |: black fancy paper without lamination plus recycle grey board reflect the eco friendly and sustainable packaging idea for wine packaging boxes |. The eco friendly wine packaging boxes will be 100% biodegradable and compostable after disposal. ecopack and sustainable packaging concept help you build the great enterprise image of earth friendly and your end-consumers can feel your earth protection effort. Meanwhile, black fancy paper + gold stamping + red foil stamping for logo applied to this custom wine packaging gift boxes | demonstrate your wine in luxury way. Gold and red foil make your wine logo by shiny compared with the black background, so the custom wine gift boxes | will broadcast your brand identity widely. Black color as background make your wine feel dignified. 

Bespoke wine product packaging boxes structure |: lid and base;

Application: the original innovative wine packaging boxes design | custom made printed and shape wine gift boxes | make your wine achieve differential compition easily. Ellipse shape of wine boxes | help you graps more eyes of end-consumers, bring unique feeling to your target shoppers, display your wine creatively. Create luxury wine brand and make your wine money worth. This wine boxes is also the protective packaging to prevent your wine bottle from broken during transportation. Brand identity popularization, wine promotion, wine luxury display and so on. 

Custom wine product packaging solutions |: this custom wine gift boxes is one successful wine packaging example for famous wine brand: Diageo CrownRoyal. The wine packaging boxes material selection | wine packaging boxes structure | wine packaging concepts | logo printing and post printing | dimensions of wine boxes | color of wine boxes | and so on can all be tailor made. So that you can easily make your wine differ from your competitors. 

Addition value: Pi sustainable packaging launched one stop service for custom wine packaging solutions |, including original innovative wine packaging design | model shape design for wine bottles and wine packaging gift boxes | wine packaging boxes shape | wine packaging boxes structure design | multiple wine packaging concepts | multiple wine packaging material selection | and so on. 


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