Bamboo eco friendly cosmetic packaging for essential oil or serum
  • Bamboo eco friendly cosmetic packaging for essential oil or serum
  • Product Performance:luxury cosmetic packaging | is achieved by original ecological bamboo. Healthy and natural value can be magnified by natural bamboo cosmetic boxes.
  • Product Apply:cosmetic marketing/promotional/cosmetic brand building etc.
Detailed Description

Bamboo eco friendly cosmetic packaging for essential oil or serum |:

Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company;
Prior to cosmetic packaging design |, we need to learn detail requirement about the final effect cosmetic brand would like to achieve, such as luxury display effect, cosmetic product value or sales point, your differential competitive strength, budget etc.For example, natural and healthy are set as your cosmetic core value and your marketing position is high end consumers. Then we will integrate luxury concept, original ecological concept, eco friendly concepts etc into cosmetic packaging design |. In a result, you can benefit from our multiple cosmetic packaging | design concepts as they are able to enhance your cosmetic core value and build proper brand image. 
Original ecological bamboo board is considered as a best choice to achieve luxury serum pacakging | luxury beauty packaging | luxury perfume packaging |, thanks to its excellent mechanism feature as original wooden. Original ecological bamboo is full filled with natural and traditional Chinese culture which can build strong emotional connections between healthy/natural/herbal/ etc and your brand image.You can easily win public audience's favor, as bamboo is more eco friendly thank wooden. Bamboo is able to be renewable annually, but it will take wooden much much more time to be renewable. This point will adhere natural and green as well as responsible enterprise tag to your brand. Transparent painting is applied to bamboo cosmetic containers |. The advantage of transparent painting is not only able to achieve luxury display effect via glossy surface, but also keep original ecological bamboo joint and texture be visible. All these aim to luxury display/enhance natural and healthy core value/win responsible reputation to protect our earth etc.
Here is another one eco friendly cosmetic packaging design | custom made of original ecological bamboo:
Metal hinges are set inside of bamboo cosmetic boxes |, which will enhance luxury feeling via strong tactile feeling to open bamboo cosmetic packaging gift boxes with lid |. 
In order to keep serum bottle from damage and scratching during transportation, we customize crate inner tray as following picture:
bamboo cosmetic containers
After assemble, you can place serum bottles into bamboo serum packaging boxes |:
bamboo cosmetic boxes
Custom cosmetic packaging | solutions:
Thanks to our custom cosmetic packaging solutions |, you are allowed to customize dimensions, shape, structure, material selection, craft application, printing effect etc tailored to your specific demand. Of cause, you are also allowed to custom bamboo or wooden chocolate boxes packaging |:
bamboo jewelry boxes |:
bamboo wooden wine boxes |:
custom wooden wine packaging boxes
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