Eco friendly cosmetic packaging boxes design customized of original ecologicial bamboo
  • Eco friendly cosmetic packaging boxes design customized of original ecologicial bamboo
  • Product Performance:Eco friendly cosmetic packaging design | is able to achieve luxury cosmetic packaging | display effect. Meanwhile, natural and healthy value of cosmetic/skincare/personal care etc will be enhanced by original ecological bamboo cosmetic packaging containers |
  • Product Apply:cosmetic brand building, cosmetic marketing, enhance natural and healthy cosmetic value.
Detailed Description

Eco friendly cosmetic packaging boxes design customized of original ecologicial bamboo:

MOQ: 1000pcs;
Cosmetic packaging design | for makeup or skincare: After finalization natural and healthy as your skincare and makeup core value, we are able to create original innovative cosmetic packaging design | concepts to wake up your natural and healthy soul inside cosmetic ingredients. So that natural and botanic value will be cultivated inside of end consumers' heart deeply.During makeup cosmetic packaging design | cosmetic packaging | development, we will also integrate luxury cosmetic packaging | and user friendly concepts into custom cosmetic packaging |. As long as you are able to tell us the final effect you would like to achieve, your marketing position, your product feature,your brand value etc; then we are able to blend related cosmetic packaging design | concepts into your perfume packaging | cosmetic packaging | skincare packaging | etc. All design ideas aim to help you increase your sales volume and build proper brand image. 
Bamboo cosmetic packaging boxes | structure: lid linked to base, magnet play the role of closure system. During beauties are making up, they always need a mirror to check their makeup effect. Mirror and rotation roller are integrated into bamboo cosmetic containers |, so that this special structure design reflect user friendly design concept to consider end consumers as God. Magnet are also set at the bottom of each loose powder caves. In a result, metal powder jars will be gripped by magnet. This considerable cosmetic packaging structure design | will also prevent loose powder from dropping off jars. 
Eco friendly cosmetic packaging | material and craft: Original ecological bamboo with natural bamboo joint texture tell public audience that your beauty products are also refined from original ecological resources, same as bamboo. Transparent varnishing allows end consumers to feel natural and healthy bamboo texture, meanwhile, glossy effect enhance luxury and elegant feeling of your cosmetic brand image. Thanks to excellent mechanism feature of bamboo, we are able to achieve super rigid shape of bamboo skincare packaging boxes | as well as loose power caves and brush caves. Rigid shape are also considered as luxury element, since it will imply end consumers of that your cosmetic ingredient is also made by hi-technology same as the craft of bamboo cosmetic packaging boxes |. Most important, your logo can also be engraved on top of lid, your product message and brand information can be also bespoked printed on bottom of bamboo cosmetic containers |. In a result, nature and healthy will be embedded into your brand. Finally, a finger tab is also reserved at the edge of lid and base. So that it is convenient for your clients to open bamboo luxury cosmetic packaging boxes |. 
Custom cosmetic packaging | solutions: bespoke cosmetic packaging solutions | allow you to select multiple cosmetic packaging material, such as bamboo cosmetic box |:
eco friendly cosmetic packaging boxes supplies
wooden cosmetic packaging boxes |:
wooden cosmetic packaging
paper luxury cosmetic packaging boxes |:
custom cosmetic packaging design
Most important, different from common cosmetic packaging suppliers |, we can customize beauty packaging | of multiple different material. Such as aluminium and bamboo cosmetic jars |:
aluminium bamboo cosmetic jars
Cosmetic bottles | made of edible plant base polymer:
protective cosmetic packaging | made of edible plant base fiber or recycle pulp:
In a result, your whole cosmetic packaging | will leave a natural and healthy as well as eco friendly cosmetic packaging | impression on public audience. Additionally, according to your specific cosmetic feature, your specific brand building requirement, we can also work out proper custom packaging solutions tailored to your specific demand. 
Added-value: Addede-value of Pi sustainable packaging company is able to provide the whole beauty product packaging |, from primary packaging, such as bamboo cosmetic packaging containers | bamboo lipstick tubes | eco friendly cosmetic bottles | etc, to secondary cosmetic packaging |, for instance: bamboo cosmetic box | custom paper cosmetic packaging boxes | etc. Most important, according to some famous cosmetic brand's requirement, we are able to provide our original innovative cosmetic packaging design | as per your specific marketing position/brand building requirement/your target clients' preference etc. 
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