Eco friendly cosmetic packaging boxes custom made of bamboo
  • Eco friendly cosmetic packaging boxes custom made of bamboo
  • Product Performance:build luxury, original ecological brand image, enhance your natural and healthy cosmetic value,etc.
  • Product Apply:luxury cosmetic packaging | display effect is achieved by eco friendly cosmetic packaging design | concepts.
Detailed Description

Eco friendly cosmetic packaging boxes custom made of bamboo:

MOQ:customized MOQ is 3000pcs, retailing without customization is available. 
Cosmetic packaging design |: eco-friendly cosmetic packaging | luxury cosmetic packaging | design concepts are blended into cosmetic packaging |. It aims to enhance natural and healthy value inside cosmetic and brand image building. 
Cosmetic packaging boxes | structure: bamboo cosmetic packaging boxes | adopt lid hinged with base structure. Metal hinge play important role to link cosmetic gift boxes base with lid |. Meanwhile, strong snapping sounds created by metal hinge also enrich luxury cosmetic packaging | feeling via listening and tactile senses. 
Cosmetic packaging | material and printing craft: Original ecological bamboo is applied to cosmetic packaging |. Bamboo cosmetic boxes | is the carrier of traditional Chinese herbal element, as well as traditional Chinese healthy idea. Your brand can be engraved on cosmetic boxes | lid, so that natural and biotanical blood flow inside of your cosmetic brand and cosmetic. Original ecological bamboo joint and texture is formed of eco friendly cosmetic packaging design |, meanwhile, bamboo cosmetic boxes | can also achieve same luxury cosmetic packaging | effect custom made of wooden. Bamboo cosmetic packaging | is also suitable to apply glossy painting as wooden cosmetic packaging boxes | which can package serum, perfume or precious healthy care products. Most important, bamboo beauty packaging boxes | are more sustainable than wood custom cosmetic packaging boxes |, as bamboo is renewable annually. 
Custom cosmetic packaging | solutions: Thanks to custom packaging solutions provided by Pi sustainable packaging company, we are able to bespoke bamboo cosmetic packaging | to be cylinder shape as following picture:
luxury cosmetic packaging design made of bamboo
Furthermore, dimensions/material/printing craft/surface processing crafts etc can also be personalized. In a result, above cosmetic packaging design | can be applied to makeup cosmetic packaging containers | as below image:
bamboo eco friendly cosmetic packaging design supplies
chocolate boxes packaging | jewelry packaging | as following picture:
custom luxury jewelry packaging boxes
additional value: Pi sustainable packaging company is a leading cosmetic packaging solution provider in China, who is able to provide whole custom cosmetic packaging solutions | from cosmetic packaging design | excellent capability of cosmetic packaging development to make cosmetic packaging design idea come true, most important, our R&D department will make original cosmetic packaging design | be convenient for mass production,multiple material selection for cosmetic boxes | as well as cosmetic bottles | cosmetic jars | cosmetic containers etc, to flexible production schedule and quality control, logistic etc. Our advantage is not only provide custom cosmetic packaging | with you, but also help you build proper brand. In a result, you can benifit from premium quality achieved by luxury cosmetic packaging |, but also from sustainable growth of sales volume and profit thanks to cosmetic brand building. 
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