luxury cosmetic packaging design
  • luxury cosmetic packaging design
  • Product Performance:luxury cosmetic packaging design | integrates handbag function to cosmetic packaging boxes |. Eco friendly cosmetic packaging design | concept has been achieved via multiple functions integration.
  • Product Apply:Thanks to custom packaging solutions, innovative cosmetic packaging design | can be applied to jewelry packaging | wine packaging | chocolate packaging | etc.
Detailed Description

luxury cosmetic packaging design |:

MOQ: 3000pcs;
Cosmetic packaging design | concepts: This innovative cosmetic packaging boxes | design achieve luxury display and sustainable packaging effect, as cosmetic brands don't need to pay extra money for paper shopping bag. Meanwhile, luxury cosmetic packaging | also upgrade shopping to super precious class. 
Eco friendly Cosmetic packaging boxes | structure: lid linked to base, but creatively integrate handbag function into luxury cosmetic packaging boxes | structure design. When your cosmetic glass or bottles are placed inside rigid cosmetic gift boxes |, they are separated into several rooms. Here is the picture shown detail of inside boxes:
luxury eco friendly cosmetic packaging design
When you close cosmetic boxes |, it becomes a super luxury shopping bag which can enhance luxury shopping experience. Meanwhile, handbag function integration also reflect eco friendly cosmetic packaging | effort made by JO-MALONE. This special effort draw psychological distance between your brand and target buyers. Most important, it is achieved by innovative cosmetic packaging design | which can enter their heart at light speed:)
Luxury cosmetic packaging | material and craft: In order to create luxury cosmetic display effect, luxury shopping bag shape is formed by rigid grey board and wrapped by glossy paper. Matt lamination has enhanced luxury feeling via visual sense. Nylon rope play the key role to be handle of handbag. Your own brand can be custom printed on cosmetic gift boxes |. A couple of magnet is set on top of cosmetic boxes | as closure system, the strong snapping sounds enhance luxury feeling via listening sense. So far, luxury feeling is formed by listening/visual and idea senses. So that your luxury cosmetic brand image is touchable by 3 dimensions. 
Custom cosmetic packaging | solutions: Accordingly specific feature of your cosmetic containers |, material/shape/dimensions/printing and post printing craft etc of custom cosmetic packaging boxes | can be bespoke tailored to you. Thanks to custom packaging solutions, you are also allowed to apply this innovative cosmetic packging design | to jewelry packaging | wine packaging | chocolate packaging | watch packaging | etc. Of cause, the protective packaging will be changed according to your product feature. 
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