custom wooden chocolate boxes packaging design
  • custom wooden chocolate boxes packaging design
  • Product Performance:innovative chocolate boxes packaging design | integrated luxury chocolate packaging | user friendly and eco friendly chocolate packaging | concepts.
  • Product Apply:product display, brand marketing and building,enhance natural and healthy value, make your product appreciate.
Detailed Description

custom wooden chocolate boxes packaging design |:

luxury chocolate packaging | material and craft:
original wood is customized to achieved luxury chocolate packaging | display effect. Meanwhile, brown wood keep consistency with chocolate tone. Most important,natural wooden texture will enhance your organic and healthy value inside chocolate. Transparent varnish allow natural wooden grain to be visual, meanwhile, shiny effect will increase luxury feeling. Heavy and hard wooden chocolate packaging | are composed of luxury element via tactile sense. Your own logo can be engraved on chocolate gift boxes lids |. So that your brand identity can be broadcasted along with your chocolate boxes packaging | display. 
Innovative chocolate packaging design | for structure:
The innovation existed in chocolate packaging design | is collapsible structure. At transportation and storage mode, you are able to assemble it to be cuboid shape, which is convenient for packing and storage. At display mode, your sales can pull chocolate packaging gift boxes with lids | into two equare parts. Two equare lids will be rotated and become the support to chocolate display boxes |. So that your sales can display your chocolate in luxury way in front of your potential clients. 
Custom chocolate packaging solutions |:
The material/shape/dimensions/printing and post printing craft etc can be customized as per your specific demand. Thanks to our custom packaging solutions, we are able to custom packaging design made of paper, or bamboo etc. Here is the picture shown innovative packaging design achieved by paper:
chocolate packaging design
Meanwhile, we are also able to apply it to cosmetic packaging design | wine packaging | mobile phone packaging | tea packaging | watch packaging | etc. 
One stop service:
You not only purchase chocolate packaging boxes | from Pi sustainable packaging company, but also innovative chocolate packaging design |. Our innovative chocolate packaging boxes design | has taken your chocolate brand building into consideration. So that you can benefit brand building from cooperation with us. Our strong researching and development team will leverage your creative packaging design idea and make them come true and be suitable to mass production. In a result, you can enjoy high purchasing efficiency and joint without gap between chocolate packaging design | and chocolate boxes packaging manufacturing. 
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