Eco friendly cosmetic packaging design for makeup containers
  • Eco friendly cosmetic packaging design for makeup containers
  • Product Performance:Original ecological bamboo fresh your makeup brand image. Eco friendly cosmetic packaging | achieve super luxury cosmetic packaging | display effect.
  • Product Apply:cosmetic brand marketing/cosmetic display/cosmetic protect and make your cosmetic appreciate, boost your cosmetic sales grow steadily for a long period.
Detailed Description

Eco friendly cosmetic packaging design for makeup containers |:

MOQ: 3000pcs;
Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company;
Cosmetic packaging design | concepts: we have integrated original ecological concept/luxury cosmetic packaging design | eco friendly cosmetic packaging | natural and bio concept | user friendly concepts into this makeup containers. 
Cosmetic packaging boxes | material and craft: natural bamboo blow green wind softly and slowly, it like spring wind to cultivate your natural and healthy seeds inside of your cosmetic brand and cosmetic ingredients. Bamboo cosmetic packaging boxes | overturn traditional plastic cosmetic packaging containers | monopoly position. bamboo cosmetic boxes can be biodegradable and compostable totally after disposal, this special feature will also narrow the psychological distance between your natural cosmetic brand and public audience. Favorable emotional communication bridge will obtain potential clients' trust and lead them to purchase your cosmetic. Excellent mechanism feature of bamboo also entitle bamboo cosmetic containers to become luxury cosmetic packaging |, it can be trimmed into super straight and rigid shape as well as accurate dimensions tailored to your loose powder. Respected to user friendly cosmetic packaging design | concept, mirror is set on bamboo cosmetic gift boxes with lids |. In a result, ladies and girls who are beautifying can check the makeup effect and adjust their powder thickness accordingly. Your logo can be engraved on bamboo cosmetic gift boxes lids |, so that your brand identity will be enhanced along with your cosmetic packaging boxes | display. 
Beauty packaging boxes | structure: We apply lid linked to base structure to this makeup packaging boxes |. Strong magnet play the key role of closure system. When end consumers close luxury cosmetic packaging gift boxes |, the snapping sounds created by magnet will bring luxury element via listeing sense to end consumers. Another one point reflect user convenient concpet is we reserve a finger tab between bamboo cosmetic boxes | lid and base. So that end consumers can open the lid conveniently. The small magnet set at the bottom of each round powder cake will also grip the metal container of powder. 
Custom cosmetic packaging | solutions: Our custom packaging solutions integrate multiple cosmetic packaging design concepts | mutliple cosmetic packaging boxes material | mutliple printing and packaging crafts application tailored to your specific cosmetic brand value and cosmetic feature. In a result, you can easily differ from commonalty among cosmetic shelf. 
Value added: Different from traditional cosmetic packaging suppliers |, Pi sustainable packaging company launched one stop service which consider cosmetic brand image building, cosmetic specific value and feature as top priority, so that your cosmetic sales and profit can be boosted sustainable and steadily for a long period.We integrated original innovative cosmetic packaging design | eco friendly cosmetic packaging concept | natural and bio concept/luxury concept/user friendly concepts and custom cosmetic packaging solutions | into a most competitive cosmetic packaging supply chain. For instance, in order to keep natural and healthy cosmetic brand identity, we are not only able to customize bamboo cosmetic packaging containers for powder, but also bamboo custom cosmetic packaging design for cream containers |:
bamboo custom cosmetic packaging design
as well as bamboo eco friendly cosmetic packaging display boxes for your cosmetic bottles and jars |:
eco friendly custom cosmetic packaging boxes 
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