eco friendly custom cosmetic packaging boxes made of bamboo
  • eco friendly custom cosmetic packaging boxes made of bamboo
  • Product Performance:brand marketing,enhance natural & healthy value inside your cosmetic/tea/wine/chocolate/gourmet etc.
  • Product Apply:Natural bamboo appearance endue your cosmetic natural and healthy soul with your cosmetic functions. Custom cosmetic packaging | made of natural bamboo also enhance luxury and vogue feeling of your cosmetic.
Detailed Description
eco friendly custom cosmetic packaging boxes made of natural bamboo |:
Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company;
Cosmetic packaging design | concepts: Pi sustainable packaging company integrated luxury cosmetic packaging | eco friendly cosmetic packaging | natural and bio concepts as well as innovative cosmetic packaging design | into custom cosmetic pacakging | solutions. It will stimulate your potential clients' purchasing desire. Another one eco friendly cosmetic packaging design | concepts which is inspired by natural burgeen for your reference:
eco friendly cosmetic packaging design
Eco friendly cosmetic packaging | material selection and craft application: Natural bamboo cosmetic packaging boxes | will wear natural and healthy fashion over your cosmetic and brand. original ecological bamboo joint as well as natural bamboo color enhance healthy and green feeling. After disposal of bamboo eco friendly cosmetic packaging boxes | cosmetic containers |, they will return to nature resource at the end of life cycle, they are able to be biodegradable and compostable by normal condition. Most important, unique bamboo joint and texture are not only display your cosmetic in sustainable way, but also bring luxury element to your cosmetic brand. We are able to custom bamboo cosmetic gift boxes in different colores: such as carbonized, bleech, original ecological bamboo color and so on. In order to broadcast your brand identity, we can also engrave your logo on bamboo cosmetic gift boxes with lids | or base.
Custom cosmetic packaging boxes | structure: lid and base. we can apply screwer closure system to cylinder bamboo cosmetic packaging boxes |. So that your cosmetic contents can be fastened inside bamboo cosmetic boxes. If your cosmetic content is cream or liquid, we can also add aluminium cosmetic jars or bottle cosmetic containers inside bamboo cosmetic packaging boxes |:
Custom cosmetic packaging | solutions: In order to make your cosmetic brand be unique, we are able to work out custom cosmetic packaging solutions: including material selection/color/printing and post printing craft application/dimensions/shape etc. Thanks to our custom packaging design and solutions, we can custom packaging tailored to not only cosmetic, but also wine, tea, chocolate, gourmet and so on. 
Value added: As a leading cosmetic packaging suppliers | in China, Pi sustainable packaging company has been launching original innovative cosmetic pacakging design |, which integrated luxury cosmetic packaging | eco friendly cosmetic packaging | natural and bio concepts. This is part of our one stop cosmetic packaging supplies | service, which will not only cover cosmetic packaging design | for cosmetic gift boxes | cosmetic containers |, but also researching & development new cosmetic packaging | QA & QC for mass production and logistic etc. 


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