Bamboo wooden jewelry packaging boxes for men
  • Bamboo wooden jewelry packaging boxes for men
  • Product Performance:Natural bamboo jewelry boxes for men bring green and natural feeling to your jewelry. Your logo or elegant pattern can be custom printed or engraved on rigid shape jewelry gift boxes |.
  • Product Apply:jewelry packaging boxes custom made of bamboo and wooden will hook men eyes thanks to perfect rigid mechanism feature. Rigid shape of jewelry gift boxes | is a key element to compose luxury demonstration. Natural appearance of bamboo jewelry packaging boxes for men will increase your green score in the first impression on your shoppers.
Detailed Description

Bamboo wooden jewelry packaging boxes for men |:

Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company;
Personalized bamboo wooden jewelry packaging boxes idea: luxury jewelry packaging is achieved by eco friendly jewellery packaging idea |. We are able to personalized bamboo and wooden jewelry boxes via integration multiple jewelry packaging design concepts. Here is another personalized luxury mens wooden jewelry gift boxes | which integrated luxury packaging and sustainable packaging concepts |:
luxury men wooden jewelry packaging gift boxes
Bespoke jewellery boxes structure: traditional jewellery packaging boxes structure is applied to this case: lid linked to base. Metal hinge play the role of link two parts together, strong snapping voice and feeling create luxury effect for jewellery packaging boxes | via tactile and hearing sense. 
Custom jewelry gift boxes material and craft: This is luxury jewelry gift boxes are custom made of natural bamboo as outside fashion. Soft yellow fabric is selected as inner tray and linning of jewelry gift boxes lids |. This special jewelry packaging material selection enrich tactile feeling and increase luxury score of your jewelry. Soft fabric wrapping over soft inner tray reflect considerable protection for your jewelry. The following picture show you another small wooden jewellery gift boxes with lids | which is similar to this one:
Your logo can be engraved on on top of jewelry gift boxes lids |. Furthermore, we are also able to engrave elegant pattern on wooden jewelry boxes for men |. So that your jewelry can be watched partly via hollows. Here is the picture shown engraving patterns on wooden jewelry packaging boxes |:
Custom jewelry packaging solutions |: Almost all jewelry packaging boxes are custom made |. Personalized jewelry boxes lie on material, shape, color, dimensions, printing and post printing craft, inner tray and so on. So your specific demand can be satisfied almost by our custom jewelry boxes solutions |. 
Added value: Pi sustainable packaging company is a leading jewelry packaging suppliers in China |, who will not only provide you with wooden jewelry boxes manufacturing |, but also original innovative men jewelry packaging gift boxes design and display |, personalized jewelry packaging solutions | as well. Subject to long term cooperation relationship or official order confirmation,our innovative jewelry packaging design and personalized packaging solutions are free for you. 
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