Innovative cosmetic packaging design for LA MER beauty gift boxes
  • Innovative cosmetic packaging design for LA MER beauty gift boxes
  • Product Performance:innovative cosmetic packaging design create special open manners, it reflect user friendly packaging boxes design concepts for cosmetic.
  • Product Apply:cosmetic marketing, luxury cosmetic brand image building, innovative cosmetic packaging design stimulate purchasing desire.
Detailed Description

Innovative cosmetic packaging design for LA MER beauty gift boxes |:

Brand: LA MER;
Personalized beauty packaging concepts |: innovative beauty packaging gift boxes concept | luxury beauty packaging concept | user convenient beauty packaging concept |. 
Innovative cosmetic packaging boxes structure design |: LA MER always brings innovative brand image to their gods. Cosmetic packaging design suppliers adopt traditional cosmetic packaging gift boxes structure: lid and base, their innovation lies on that they also create another one door besides for cosmetic gift boxes lids |.The following bigger picture maybe helpful for you to check the detail of such innovative cosmetic packaging design |:
So that cosmetic bottles and container full filled with cosmetic cream or other contents can be detectable when you lift cosmetic pacakging gift boxes lids | out of base. When the lid is close, this lid will fasten four walls of cosmetic packaging gift boxes and looks like a normal rigid cosmetic gift boxes |. 
Bespoke makeup packaging gift boxes material and craft: normal glossy artpaper wrapping over recycle chipboard are formed of luxury cosmetic rigid gift boxes display, meanwhile, light logo are marked all over the whole white makeup packaging boxes is considered as background of special LA MER logo hot stampping on makeup gift boxes lid |. The white appearance and special logo color keep the consistent makeup packaging gift boxes design style of LA MER. It is helpful to leave whitening and beautifying impression on end-consumers. 
custom cosmetic packaging gift boxes solutions for personal care |: The custom made cosmetic packaging gift boxes solutions are the key marketing tool to differ your personal care products from competitors. Pi sustainable packaging is able to customize cosmetic packaging material, structure, dimensions, shape, printing and post printing craft and so on.The original innovative cosmetic packaging design is also another core tool to achieve differential competition. 
Added value: Pi sustainable packaging company is a leading cosmetic packaging suppliers in China |, we are professional to integrate our own original innovative cosmetic packaging design for gift boxes as well as cosmetic bottles and jars and containers into whole beauty packaging supply chain. You can enjoy luxury cosmetic packaging design and eco friendly cosmetic packaging design concepts in much more competitive prive than cosmetic packaging design companies.So that we help you save total cost for whole cosmetic packaging |, but also improve your purchasing efficiency and reduce misunderstanding between different cosmetic packaging supplies comunication. More custom cosmetic packaging gift boxes supplies for LA MER:
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