Wooden jewellery packaging display gift boxes
  • Wooden jewellery packaging display gift boxes
  • Product Performance:luxury jewellery packaging gift boxes design display original natural feeling via original wooden jewellery boxes |.
  • Product Apply:upgrade your jewellery to luxury level, enhance natural feeling of diamond ring, building luxury brand image, protect your jewellery.
Detailed Description

 Wooden jewellery packaging display gift boxes |:

MOQ: 1000pcs;
Brand: Pi Sustainable packaging company;
Jewellery packaging gift boxes concept|: luxury jewellery packaging concept display | eco friendly jewelry packaging concepts partly. 
Jewellery packaging boxes material and handmade craft |: jewellery packaging gift boxes adopt original solid wooden for outside material which is called as top luxury jewelry packaging material, transparent painting will polish wooden jewellery packaging gift boxes | to more luxury grade, meanwhile, still keep original ecological feeling of original wooden.The transparent painting make original texture of wooden jewellery boxes | be detectable. So your luxury wooden jewellery packaging display gift boxes look close to nature. Your logo can be custom printed on this wooden jewellery display boxes | via silk printing, hot stamping and so on. So that your brand identity will be visiable on your natural and luuxry name created by wooden jewellery display gift boxes |. wooden jewelry display gift boxes | shown on following picture is another example to display your jewellery in luxury way:
Jewellery gift boxes structure |: lid linked to base, metal hinge play role of closure system, meanwhile, the stronge snapping feeling will increase luxury scores from your jewellery.  
Personalized jewellery packaging gift boxes solution|:this is one case of our custom elegant jewellery gift boxes |. All material,inner tray, production craft, shape, structure, dimension, color and so on can all be personalized. So that the wooden jewellery display gift boxes not only fit to pacakge ring, but also necklace, bracelet and so on. 
Add value: our original innovative jewellery packaging display boxes design is the most cost-effective marketing tool to differ your jewellery, our creative packaging structure design as well as graphic design can also help you build luxury jewellery brand, our custom jewellery packaging boxes solution will offer you multiple luxury jewellery packaging boxes material selection, multiple jewellery pacakging boxes production craft suggestion and so on. All these factors aim to help you build luxury jewelry brand image and improve your jewelry sales volume.  
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