personalized leather jewelry packaging gift boxes for girls
  • personalized leather jewelry packaging gift boxes for girls
  • Product Performance:Original innovative jewelry packaging design | LED light and red leather jewelry boxes | bring more modern and luxury flavor to your jewelry, mellow shape make jewelry boxes be suitable for women |.
  • Product Apply:luxury jewelry display, protect jewelry, building luxury jewelry brand, promote jewelry sales.
Detailed Description

personalized leather jewelry packaging gift boxes for girls|:

Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company |
MOQ: 1000pcs;
Jewellery packaging gift boxes concept |: original innovative jewelry packaging design | luxury jewelry packaging concept | user friendly packaging concept |. 
Jewelry packaging gift boxes structure |: jewellery gift boxes adopt traditional packaging boxes structure |: lid linked to base, metal hinge play important role to joint lid and base together, meanwhile, the strong snapping feeling convince your potential buyers of that your jewelry belongs to luxury grade. 
Handmade jewelry packaging boxes material and craft |: 
Red leather is the key material to compose luxury fashions for girls jewelry packaging boxes |, it is conspicuous enough to appeal your potential buyers to approach to your jewelry closely.This point reflect the marketing consideration during original innovative jewelry gift boxes design | and color scheme selection. Red and pink are the great choice to meet women favor and stimulate them to purchase. The soft touching feeling of red leather also enhance the luxury feeling via tactile sense.The following picture show you more jewelry gift boxes for girls |:
Silk screen, gold stamping, silver stamping and so on can be applied to your logo on the red leather.So that your brand recognization can be widen along with your jewelry sales.The LED light will be on when you open this jewelry gift boxes with lid |, it will make your diamond ring be more shiny and more attractive. The end consumers can check more detail of your diamond ring even though it is dark and at night. This jewelry packaging design concept reflect user-friendly packaging concept. Here is picture shown another one personalized leather girls jewelry gift boxes with LED light |:
Mellow shape of jewellery display packaging gift boxes | is formed of plastic boxes block, this is the original innovative jewelry packaging design | which beautify your personalized ring jewelry gift boxes |. 
The lining of jewelry boxes is made of black flocking fabric,the lining can be custom made according to your jewelry items: such as ring, earring and so on. 
Unique jewelry packaging gift boxes decorated by LED light will also bring innovative element to your jewelry brand image, it also create modern atmosphere. 
Personalized jewelry packaging boxes | solutions: The personalized leather jewelry packaging gift boxes are the excellent example to show the advantage of our custom packaging solutions |, which will make you enjoy the designing of your own jewelry packaging boxes |, as all the material, model shape, structure, printing craft,post printing craft and so on can be personalized as per your special demand. You only need to tell us your jewelry packaging design idea or some key marketing and jewelry information, then we will offer you the whole custom packaging solution include the original innovative packaging design. The custom jewelry packaging boxes solutions and design will consider your brand identity, brand culture,marketing and so on as top priority. 
Added value: Our one stop service cover from original innovative jewelry packaging design | custom jewelry packaging boxes solution | jewelry packaging boxes | research and development | supply chain management, QA and QC to delivery. Thanks to combination of all processing together, we will help you save design cost, compress the lead time of jewellery gift boxes development |, reduce the unnecessary mistake rate caused by communication issue between your different jewelry packaging suppliers |. Our original innovative jewelry packaging design aim to help you build your own jewelry brand and make you benefit sustainable from the luxury jewelry brand building. 
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