Handmade large luxuxry cosmetic paper packaging gift boxes for SKII
  • Handmade large luxuxry cosmetic paper packaging gift boxes for SKII
  • Product Performance:Large luxury cosmetic packaging gift boxes provide bigger space to packaging more cosmetic sets inside.
  • Product Apply: protective packaging for cosmetics jars and bottles | display your cosmetic and attract more target clients | build the luxury cosmetic brands |
Detailed Description

Handmade large luxuxry cosmetic paper packaging gift boxes for SKII |:

Brand: SKII;
Custom cosmetic packaging concept |: Luxury cosmetic packaging concept |;
Custom cosmetic packaging boxes | material and printing craft: glossy paper wrap over recycle grey board, matt lamination play important role to increase luxury scores for your cosmetic, red printing plus silver stamp applied to logo bring more attentions from your potential audience. soft spooge and white satin as protective packaging for cosmetic jars | cosmetic bottles | reflect your considerable care to protect your cosmetic from damage during transportation, meanwhile, the soft linner win the beauty's favor. Silver logo is a great way to increase your brand exposure rate. 
Personalized cosmetic gift boxes structure |: lid linked with base. This traditional cosmetic packaging gift boxes structure consider user-friendly packaging concept, as It is convenient for cosmetic brands to display their cosmetic bottles | cosmetic jars | and so on when your consumers open the lid of cosmetic gift boxes |.
Custom cosmetic packaging solutions |: cosmetic gift boxes are excellent example to show how luxury cosmetic packaging our custom packaging solutions are able to achieve. All material selection/structure/printing and post printing/packaging concept and so on are customizable, our custom packaging solution help cosmetic brand achieve differential competition and promote sales. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy your cosmetic packaging design | and development processing. 
Additional value: Pi sustainable packaging is a leading cosmetic packaging suppliers | in China, who is not only professional in providing you with cosmetic packaging boxes | but also cosmetic jars | cosmetic bottles |. Our original innovative cosmetic packaging design | will differ your cosmetic from your competitors, including model shape design for cosmetic jars or bottles or cosmetic gift boxes | cosmetic packaging boxes structure design as well as graphic design and so on. So that we improve your purchasing efficiency and reduce the lead time of your cosmetic packaging development and mass production. 
cosmetic packaging design
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