small luxury wooden ring jewelry packaging boxes for girls
  • small luxury wooden ring jewelry packaging boxes for girls
  • Product Performance:black piano painting applied to luxury decorative wooden ring jewelry packaging gift boxes increase the shiny effect and attract more attentions from public audience.
  • Product Apply:jewelry demonstration, luxury jewelry brand building, jewelry marketing, jewelry protection and so on.
Detailed Description

small luxury wooden ring jewelry packaging boxes for girls |:


MOQ: 1000pcs;
Brand: Korloff;
Jewelry packaging concept|: luxury jewelry packaging boxes concept display |.
Jewellery packaging material and craft: wooden is a best choice to achieve excellent quality of luxury jewelry packaging |, thanks to its excellent mechanism character to achieve rigid shape. Additionally, the heavy feeling of wooden jewelry packaging boxes for girls is also a key factor to convince your potential clients of that your jewelry is very precious. Black piano painting is another luxury element to triggle your potential clients to make purchasing decision at sales spot. Your brand identity will be poppularized by the silver stamping logo. The jewelry protective packaging is custom made of black leather, which demonstrate considerable care for your jewelry | made by jewelry packaging suppliers |. 
Custom jewelry packaging boxes structure |: lid linked to base by metal hinges as closure system, metal hinge closure system bring strong snapping feeling, which transfer luxury feeling from your wooden jewelry packaging gift boxes | to your jewelry. Meanwhile, this structure is also fit to display ring/diamond/jewelry very convenient at sales site, as the jewelry shoppers can easily watch your jewelry when they open the jewelry packaging gift boxes lid |. 
Custom jewelry packaging solution|:This is one successful case to show the quality level Pi sustainable packaging company is able to achieve. Material/color/shape/logo/structure and so on can all be custom made.
Application: promote your jewelry value via the credible quality of jewelry packaging boxes | upgrade the brand image to luxury level / drive your jewelry stand-out from your competitors |improve the purchasing experience and make your customers feel money worth.
Added value: Our graphic design will make your brand and jewelry shiny at marketing site and grab more attentions. Your ring jewelry will stand out from the familiar ones via our original innovative diamond jewelry packaging gift boxes design |. Our custom jewelry packaging solution will bring the wow-factors to your shoppers when they receipt of your jewelry. 


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