Customized luxury pen plastic packaging gift boxes | for Parker
  • Customized luxury pen plastic packaging gift boxes | for Parker
  • Product Performance:luxury pen packaging gift boxes appearance are formed of rigid and high mechanism pen plastic boxes core |, snapping feeling and luxury pen packaging material application | as well as the snap sounds.
  • Product Apply:building luxury brand, promote your pens and upgrade your pens to luxury level, luxury display, protect your pens during transportation and so on.
Detailed Description

Customized luxury pen plastic packaging gift boxes | for Parker:

MOQ: 5000pcs;
Brand: Parker;
Custom luxury pen packaging concept |: luxury pen packaging concept display|. 
Luxury pen packaging | material and printing & packaging craft: Champagne foil paper is a great choice for luxury pen packaging | but avoid grandiloquent presentation. Champagne foil paper is the key material to create the luxury fashion for your pens, Pen plastic boxes block | and snapping feeling all aim to build the luxury pen packaging | and upgrade your pen brand to luxury level. Lining made of soft white satin not only protect your pen from scratching during transportation, but also create striking contrast comparison with the rigid and straight shape of pen gift boxes |. Hot stamping is applied to logo outside and inside of luxury pen gift boxes lid |. Custom printed pen boxes with your logo is a key marketing tool to broadcast your brand popularity. When you sell your pen, you also promote your pen brand and company moreover. Black luxury pen packaging gift boxes base make your pen look steadily, black base matching with white lining and light lid avoid dull looking. All the material selection as well as printing and packaging craft reflects the original innovative luxury pen packaging design |, which respect brand identity, brand marketing, brand culture, pen display and so on as top priority. 
Luxury pen packaging boxes structure |: lid is linked to base by metal hinge with snapping feeling. Snapping feeling and snapping voice will bring luxury elements to your potential customers via tactile and hearing sense. 
Custom pen packaging solution |: Pi sustainable packaging is a leading pen packaging gift boxes companies |, who offer you one stop service for custom pen packaging solutions | via luxury pen packaging material selection | pen packaging boxes structure design | model shape design, graphic design and brand identity design, custom printing and post printing craft application, handmade craft proposal etc. luxury pen packaging boxes for Parker is a successful story of custom luxury packaging solutions for pen |.
Application: make your pen appreciate and attract more eyes to learn more detail of your pen closely, help you build luxury pen brand so that your end-consumers are willing to pay more for your pen, luxury pen brand is also a key marketing tool to trigger repeat purchasing, protect your pen from damage during transportation, beautify your pen display. 
Add value: our one stop service of custom pen packaging solution | include: pen packaging gift boxes model shape design | packaging boxes structure design | graphic design for pen gift boxes | multiple pen packaging concepts | multiple luxury pen packaging material selection | elegant handmade craft and so on, makes your pens out-standing and achieve differential competition and bring more wow-elements to shopping experience. 


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