creative cheap custom wine champagne gift boxes for sale
  • creative cheap custom wine champagne gift boxes for sale
  • Product Performance:eco friendly appearance, creative structure make flat packing be possible and pop up as similar luxury as rigid wine gift boxes |, Wine shopping bag function has been integrated into wine packaging design, reflect user friendly concept. Financial factors are respected highly but elegant display.
  • Product Apply:display wine in eco friendly way, build the environmental protective image for your brand and company, reduce transportation cost and wine packaging cost, win natural and healthy as well as responsible reputation and so on.
Detailed Description

creative cheap custom wine champagne gift boxes for sale |:

MOQ: 30000pcs;
Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company;
Custom wine gift packaging boxes concept |: User-friendly product packaging concept | eco-friendly packaging and sustainable packaging concept | concise product packaging concept | are adopted in this wine gift packaging boxes |.
Wine packaging boxes material and printing packaging craft |: Is made of pure wooden pulp brown kraft paper which is reneweable annually and recycle. It is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable, reflect the eco friendly packaging advocate of your enterprise. Natural appearance is one of the best way to demonstrate natural, healthy, sustainable image for your enterprise and brands.Logo can be custom printed as per your favour and promote your brand identity. 
Wine packaging boxes structure |: collapsible structure allow flat packing, but also elegant display when you pop up the wine gift boxes |. The financial factors are also highly respected due to the application of concise product packaging concept |. The handle is very convenient for shoppers to carry the wine and suitable to demonstrate it as a gift or presents. So we call it custom champagne gift boxes |. The functions of such custom wine packaging gift boxes are very rich, it will attract more eyes of your target clients. 
Application: display wine elegantly and naturally and cost-effective, convenient for display and packing, build the natural, healthu, sustainable, eco-friendly image for your brand and enterprise, creative design make your end-consumers feel comfortable to purchase,  protect the wine and wine bottle as wine bottle holder | beautify the wine via packaging to promote the marketing share.Innovative wine packaging design will stimulate your potential customers to purchase your wine too. 
Custom wine packaging solution |: The wine champagne gift boxes are one of custom wine packaging solutions |. In the custom boxes |, all material, shape, structure design, dimension, production craft can be custom made as per original innovative packaging design |.
Value-add: Pi Sustainable packaging company is the professional custom wine packaging gift boxes companies |, who is special in application of original innovative wine packaging boxes design | wine eco-friendly packaging concept | luxury wine packaging | user friendly concept and so on. Our original and innovative wine packaging design include not only graphic design, but also wine packaging boxes structure design, model design for boxes or bottle and so on.This is our one stop service which will reduce your purchasing cost and improve your purchasing efficiency, of cause, reduce the misunderstanding between different wine packaging suppliers |: wine packaging design companies and your wine boxes suppliers |.  
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