Luxury mens necklace jewelry packaging gift boxes for ARMANI
  • Luxury mens necklace jewelry packaging gift boxes for ARMANI
  • Product Performance:luxury packaging | multiple packaging material application | eco friend packaging and sustainable packaging concept | are integrated in luxury jewelry packaging boxes |.
  • Product Apply:luxury display, protect your necklace, promote your brand and jewelry to luxury grade and so on.
Detailed Description

Luxury mens necklace jewelry packaging gift boxes for ARMANI |:


MOQ: 5000pcs;

Brand: ARMANI;

Packaging concept: luxury concept, eco friendly packaging and sustainable packaging concept | are mixed into luxury jewelry packaging |. 


Jewelry packaging boxes structure |: traditional lid linked to base. Polishing metal accessory plus ribbon made of natural plant base fiber play the role of closure system, meanwhile, decorate your jewelry in luxury way and natural way. When you open the lid of jewelry boxes |, your necklace will reveal in front of your end consumers. 

luxury custom necklace jewelry packaging gift boxes for mens

Gift boxes material and printed packaging craft |: Gift boxes | are custom made of black fancy paper plus recycle chip board, metal accessory and natural fiber ribbon. These packaging boxes material are from natural and can be recycle, completely biodegradable and compostable. This reflects eco friendly packaging and sustainable packaging concept when we are working on custom luxury jewelry packaging solutions |. The logo are embroidered on the ribbon, so that you can enhance your brand identity via gift boxes |. From the material selection and elegant printing craft application, your target clients can be moved by the environ


Custom jewelry packaging solutions |: Multiple luxury packaging material application | multiple jewellery packaging concepts | traditional jewelry packaging boxes structure selection and color scheme | dimension | shape | custom graphic printing and so on are all customizable tailored to your specific requirement. So that our luxury necklace jewelry packaging gift boxes will differ your jewelry necklace from your competitors easily, meanwhile, meet the specific demand of your target segment market. This is the charm of custom jewelry packaging solutions supplies by Pi sustainable packaging company. 


Application: Building the luxury brand, win the public praise thanks to eco friendly packaging concept application to luxury jewelry packaging gift boxes |, promote your jewelry brands and enhance your market share, differ your brands and jewelry from your competitors, make your jewelry jump out of shelf, your brand identity can be broadcasted widely due to custom printed or sewn your own logo on ribbon or jewelry packaging boxes |. 


Additional value: Pi sustainable packaging company is a leading luxury jewelry packaging gift boxes company all over the world, whose own original innovative jewelry packaging gift boxes design will help you build innovative enterprise image and attract more young consumers' eyes to your jewelry. It will also make your competitors be more difficult to follow your advantage and trends lead by our original innovative jewelry packaging boxes design |. Our custom jewelry packaging solution will help you meet the specific demand of segment market. 

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