custom original innovative luxury packaging design gift boxes for cosmetic or wine or electronic or
  • custom original innovative luxury packaging design gift boxes for cosmetic or wine or electronic or
  • Product Performance:luxury packaging boxes are custom made of sustainable and eco friendly packaging material 100 percent, convenient for luxury goods and brand display respect user friendly concept, luxury and natural appearance lead luxury packaging trends.
  • Product Apply:luxury display, building eco friend and sustainable enterprise image, protect product.
Detailed Description

custom original innovative luxury packaging design gift boxes for cosmetic or wine or electronic or mobile or chocolate or food packaging |:

Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company |;
MOQ: 5000pcs;
Concept: original innovative product packaging design | luxury packaging concept | sustainable packaging concept | eco friendly packaging concept | user friendly packaging concept |;
Structure: this is our original innovative packaging gift boxes structure design |, which we integrated luxury concept and user convenient concept into product packaging boxes design |. The luxury gift boxes are open at the middle, after open the gift boxes |, two lids become the support of rigid gift boxes to display the products inside packaging boxes |. This innovative packaging design provide a great opportunity for end consumers to learn more about your product when they are enjoying playing the custom luxury gift boxes |. 
Material and printing craft: wooden texture bring the natural feeling to the original innovative packaging |, this kind of original innovative packaging design is a best tool to dig out the natural value inside of your products and brands, such as natural cosmetic ingredient, chocolate, food, wine and so on. Recycle packaging material applied to whole gift boxes reflect the eco friendly packaging idea and meet the implicit demand of environment protection. The printing and post printing craft, material, dimensions, shape and so on can be custom made tailored to your products and special demand. 
Application: The dimensions, protective packaging and shape and so on are all custom made, so it can be functioned as luxury cosmetic packaging gift boxes | chocolate packaging boxes | electronic mobile phone packaging gift boxes | meal and lunch boxes | wine packaging boxes |.
Added value: Our original innovative packaging design is the best marketing tool for you to differ your products and brands from your competitors. So that your product are charmed by our original innovative packaging design |. Multiple packaging concepts,multiple function application, multiple material selection, multiple printing and post printing craft etc provide the great opportunity with your end consumers to interactive communications with your company/brands/product. Our custom product packaging solutions will make your product jump out of shelf. 
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