Custom ring jewelry plastic gift boxes for girls
  • Custom ring jewelry plastic gift boxes for girls
  • Product Performance:Chinese HAPPINESS element: Chinese red and propitious clouds shape are applied to engagement custom jewelry ring packaging gift boxes for girls or mens |, hollow effect is the original innovative jewellery packaging boxes designs to differ your jewelry |.
  • Product Apply:jewelry marketing, jewelry display, building luxury jewelry brand, attract more target clients.
Detailed Description

Custom ring jewelry plastic gift boxes for girls |

MOQ: 3000pcs;

Brand: Pi sustainable packaging company |;


Custom jewelry packaging boxes concept |: luxury jewelry packaging | original innovative jewellery packaging boxesdesign | user friendly jewellery packaging concept |. 


Personalized jewelry packaging boxes material and processing |: the personalized plastic jewelry packaging boxes are flocking over plastic jewelry boxes block |, insert platform is wrapping by red flocking fabric which is fit to pack single ring. The color of flocking, dimensions, shape of hollow effect, insert and so on are all able to personalize. 


Bespoke jewelry packaging boxes structure |: lid linked to base and jointed by metal hinge, the strong snapping effect created by metal hinge is one of key factor to bring luxury feeling to bespoke jewelry packaging boxes |, then convince your end consumers of your luxury jewelry quality. 


Custom jewellery packaging boxes solutions |: the custom ring jewelry plastic gift boxes for girls are the original innovative jewellery display packaging designs |, Pi sustainable packaging company also launched a series of hollow custom made jewelry plastic gift boxes for girls and women |, this series include single jewelry ring packaging boxes | double ring jewelry packaging display boxes | small unique earring jewelry packaging gift boxes | girls necklace handmade jewelry packaging boxes | mens unique plastic jewelry boxes with hollow effect | mens unique plastic bracelet packaging gift boxes for jewelry | and so on. So that the jewelry brands can keep the same packaging style for all their jewelry items packaging boxes |.You are also allowed to engraved their logo shape on custom made jewelry packaging gift boxes | as hollow effect subject to generation of new mold. The color of whole jewellery presentation packaging boxes | dimensions and shapes or material can all be personalized tailored to your special demand. 


Application: luxury jewelry display, brand marketing and bring more clients to purchase your jewelry due to the appealing jewelry packaging boxes |, create happy atmosphere to meet the implicit demand of your target clients, original innovative jewellery packaging presentation boxes design achieve differential competition and bring fresh feeling to your jewelry, make it stand out of shelf. 


Additional value: The Chinese happy elements and hollow effect are designed for whole range of jewelry items, make it convenient for jewelry brand to build the same brand identity when they are considering custom made jewellery display packaging boxes for many different jewelry items |. This factor reflect the user friendly jewelry packaging concept |. Our original innovative jewelry product packaging design not only involve jewellery presentation packaging boxes structure design |, but also graphic design and jewelry display tools. 

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