luxury cosmetic perfume packaging gift boxes supplies
  • luxury cosmetic perfume packaging gift boxes supplies
  • Product Performance:luxury product packaging and light tone bring fresh feeling to your perfume.
  • Product Apply:building the luxury cosmetic brand image, protective packaging for cosmetic.
Detailed Description

luxury cosmetic perfume packaging boxes supplies |:

MOQ: 5000pcs;
Brand: JAGUAR; 
Feature:luxury product packaging and light tone bring fresh feeling to your perfume. 
Custom cosmetic product packaging concepts |: luxury cosmetic packaging concept | original innovative cosmetic product packaging boxes design | help you lead the luxury perfume trends. 
Personalized cosmetic product packaging boxes material and craft |: plastic cosmetic packaging gift boxes block | are wrapped by glossy paper and shiny lamination, silver stamping decorate your logo in the background of sky blue, which remind end-consumers of the fresh and natural air quality in blue sky. Flocking is applied to platform, which is die cut shape as per the cosmetic fragrance containers shape |. It create luxury and soft feeling, not only protect your cosmetic fragrance bottles | from damage during transportation. 
Cosmetic packaging boxes structure design |: We applied traditional packaging boxes structure | lid linked to base, metal hinge play the role of joint. The strong snapping feeling increase the luxury level of your custom cosmetic packaging boxes |. 
Custom cosmetic product packaging boxes solutions |: This custom made cosmetic product packaging gift boxes is an excellent example which we applied our custom cosmetic packaging solutions | original innovative cosmetic packaging boxes design | luxury cosmetic product packaging concept |. The cosmetic packaging material selection | cosmetic packaging boxes structure | custom printing and handmade craft of cosmetic packaging boxes | and so on are tailored made to your special requirement, aim to help you boost your sales and build luxury cosmetic brand. 
Application: Luxury cosmetic packaging boxes function will not only cover protective packaging for cosmetic jars or containers |, but also become carrier body of your brand/enterprise culture.After decoration of our custom made luxury cosmetic product packaging gift boxes |, your cosmetic will be more attractive and win the competition at the sales spot. 
Added value: Pi sustainable packaging is a leading custom cosmetic product packaging boxes suppliers in China |. Our custom made cosmetic packaging solutions and original innovative cosmetic packaging design will help you achieve differential competition and win the shoppers' favor. 
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