Eco friendly cosmetic paper packaging boxes Cylinder shape
  • Eco friendly cosmetic paper packaging boxes Cylinder shape
  • Product Performance:Paper tube shape and eco-friendly packaging concept | sustainable packaging concept reflect the natural & bio value inside of your cosmetic.
  • Product Apply:cosmetic bottles or jars protective packaging | cosmetic packaging display
Detailed Description

 Eco friendly cosmetic paper packaging boxes Cylinder shape |:

MOQ: 5000pcs;
Brand: Pi Sustainable Packaging; 
Custom beauty product packaging concepts |: luxury cosmetic product packaging display | sustainable packaging concept | eco-friendly packaging concept | green packaging concept | satisfy natural/healthy/eco friendly demand of picked shoppers.
Custom made cosmetic product packaging boxes material and production processing: FSC paper wrap over paper tube made of recycle grey board, this respect eco-friendly packaging concept | sustainable packaging concept | highly. These concept will magnify natural & sustainable value of your cosmetic dramatically. The end-consumers will be moved by your considerable custom cosmetic packaging boxes design and conceppts embedded into the product packaging development. Polishing processing make the cosmetic boxes  as shiny as glossy lamination. But the bespoke cosmetic product packaging boxes will still be eco friendly and sustainable, as it will 100% biodegradable adn compostable. Logo can be printed or hot stamping to emphasize your brand identity. Light tone make young ladies associate the whithening & beautiful effect of your cosmetic with the white & beautiful appearance of our cosmetic packaging boxes |. 
Luxury cosmetic packaging boxes structure |: Lid & base structure and tube shape which tailor to the shape of cosmetic containers, are applied to the custom luxury cosmetic packaging boxes |. Great fitness of lid & base create luxury quality feeling in tactile sense.  
Custom personal care product packaging solutions |: this is one successful example to demonstrate our custom personal care product packaging solutions |. The material application, packaging boxes structure design, model shape design, graphic design, printing & elegant handmade craft are all custom made. 
Application: protect glass or plastic cosmetic containers from damage during transportation | create luxury brand and promote your cosmetic value, enlarge the marketing share, improve brand identity recognization, marketing promotion, meanwhile improving the shopping experience and user experience, make end-consumers feel money worth for their cosmetic. 
Added value: Pi sustainable packaging is one of leading luxury cosmetic packaging suppliers |. Our one stop service will offer you not only cosmetic packaging boxes |, but also cosmetic bottles | cosmetic jars | cosmetic containers | as well as cosmetic promotional items sourcing. Our original innovative packaging design will offer you packaging boxes structure design | model shape design for cosmetic jars | as well as graphic design for cosmetic packaging boxes and cosmetic containers |. 
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