custom made eco friendly electronic packaging boxes for Thomson lamp bulb
  • custom made eco friendly electronic packaging boxes for Thomson lamp bulb
  • Product Performance:made of recycle paper pulp and 100% biodegradable and compostable.
  • Product Apply:Feature: sustainable packaging concept | green packaging | eco-friendly packaging concept present the eco-friendly idea of LED light.
Detailed Description

Custom made electronic product packaging concepts |: eco friendly packaging concept | sustainable packaging concept | green packaging |. 

Material and production processing: protective packaging for lamp bulb is made of recycle paper pulp which is from natural resource and 100% biodegradable and compostable. So that the sustainable idea of enterprise & LED light is demonstrated via the natural pulp completely. Logo is embossed and printed in special red. Brand identity is promoted and popularize the sustainable philosophy of brand and enterprise. 
Structure: lid linked to base and fit to the shape of lamp bulb, protect the lamp bulb in safe condition during transportation. 
Custom product packaging solutions |: Pi Sustainable packaging is a leading sustainable custom electronic product packaging companies |, who blended eco-friendly packaging concept | ecopack concept | into custom electronic retail packaging boxes |. This is the story shown our sustainable packaging idea in electronic product packaging |. The material selection, logo, color, shape model are bespoke as per your special demand. 
Application: Protect lamp bulp from damage during transportation, relate the enviroment protection concept of brand & LED light to the eco friendly packaging concept applied to electronic product packaging |, build the great enterprise for sustainability and drive consumers be willing to pay more for your electronic products, improving the buying experience via the credible quality felt by the visual & tactile sense from sustainable electronic product packaging |. 
Value-added: Our custom electronic product packaging solutions will offer you the whole solution from model shape design, graphic design to product packaging development and QA. Our original innovative electronic packaging design will make your product different from your competitors and jump out of shelf, boost your sales. 
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