original innovative empty cosmetic packaging design containers supplies
  • original innovative empty cosmetic packaging design containers supplies
  • Product Performance:Original innovative cosmetic packaging design and natural design concept create the natural fashion to enhance your natural value of cosmetic
  • Product Apply:cosmetic packaging | cosmetic bottle | cosmetic display, upgrade cosmetic brand.
Detailed Description

original innovative cosmetic packaging bottle supplies |:


MOQ: 50000pcs;


Brand: Pi sustainable packaging |;




Cosmetic packaging concept |: original innovative cosmetic packaging design concept | eco friendly cosmetic packaging concept |, this model is inspired by nature shape: tender shoot, display the cosmetic in natural and sustainable way via this cosmetic sustainable packaging bottles |. 




Cosmetic packaging structure |: lid and base structure with screw as closure system, present cosmetic in luxury way. This is one of our original innovative cosmetic packaging design |, upgrade your cosmetic brand & products. 




Cosmetic packaging material and production processing: this custom cosmetic gift packaging supplies | is made of plastic, but the material is customizable, such as natural plant base polymer is available, which can enhance the value of nature and hygiene of cosmetic. silkscreen or hot stamping are available to apply to logo, so that we can personalized cosmetic packaging jar | and make different comprtition become your most marketing force.




Application: this innovative cosmetic packaging container | is one of our original innovative cosmetic packaging design, which can promote your cosmetic value, display your cosmetic product in natural way, luxury way, upgrade your cosmetic product and your enterprise image. 




Added value: Our original innovative cosmetic packaging design team will offer you not only graphic design, but also cosmetic jars model shape design | cosmetic packaging boxes structure design | and so on. Our custom packaging solution will also provide you the whole custom cosmetic packaging solution |, from multiple material selection,integration of multiple cosmetic packaging concept | and production processing into your cosmetic brands & product. So that we can dig out the potential value of cosmetic product and amplify your cosmetic value dramatically. 

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