KFC food container|paper box
  • KFC food container|paper box
  • Product Performance:Food safe for food direct contact.Take-away box|display hamburge
  • Product Apply:food packaging|hamburger box|catering box|bento box
Detailed Description

This food box|food container is one case of food packaging solution for KFC. Material selection, shape, structure,color,production craft and so on are all bespoke as per original innovative packaging design.

Material & production processing: All the direct contact material all meet food grade: food grade paper made of pure wooden pulp ,printed by edible vegetable base ink, glue made of edible plant base and so on.This hamburge box is made of eco-friendly material from natural resource. Warm tone printed create the special atmosphere for hamburge.
Structure: This paper box is lid linked to base structure, and the closure system is formed by paper box self. User-friendly is also highly respected.
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