Custom made tea tin gift packaging boxes supplies for TATRATEA
  • Custom made tea tin gift packaging boxes supplies for TATRATEA
  • Product Performance:food safe tin boxes | and edible vegetable base ink respect food safety highly for tea packaging |
  • Product Apply:Tea packaging, tea box and tea protective packaging.
Detailed Description

Custom made tea tin gift packaging boxes supplies for TATRATEA |:

MOQ: 10000pcs;


Custom food grade tea packaging concept |: Natural packaging concept apply to food direct contact tin packaging boxes | for tea packaging |. Eco-friendly packaging | sustainable packaging | concept make this tin gift packaging boxes become enviromental protective guard |. 


Tea packaging | material and production processing: food grade tin sheet from natural resource, printed by edible vegetable base ink. So that food safety can be respected highly. Meanwhile, the tin will be degradable by rusty processing quickly and reduce the burden of our only one earth. Colorful printing with embossing logo emphasize client's brand and make it recognizable easily. Green and fresh tone create the healthy feeling. 


Tea packaging boxes structure |: Lid & base structure and cylinder shape with accurate closure system made of tin itself. 


Custom tea product packaging solutions |: Pi sustainable pacakging is a leading food safe packaging companies in China |, special in tea tin gift packaging boxes |. Our custom tea product packaging solutions and original innovative tea product packaging design will differ your tea from your competitors, your tea will appreciate too and stand out from common teas. 


Application: non-toxic, food safe & healthy display manner boost your tea sales, elegant custom printing gift boxes will upgrade your tea and drive customers strong appeal to buy your tea,transferring the natural & organic value of food safe tin packaging boxes to your tea and make clients willing to pay more for your tea, protect tea in shadow/cool and dry condition, extend the expired date accordingly.


Additional value: Multiple product packaging material application | special food safe and natural and bio packaging concept material application | is our advantage in food grade packaging |. Via our natural and bio packaging concept |, we help you build the responsible enterprise image for food safety. Meanwhile, these materials are from natural resource and will return to nature too. So eco-friendly image will be associated with your brand/enterprise/products. 

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