Personalized wine bottle packaging boxes for sale |for Johnie walker gold label
  • Personalized wine bottle packaging boxes for sale |for Johnie walker gold label
  • Product Performance:luxury wine packaging box | multiple luxury wine packaging material application | royal color matching |.
  • Product Apply:wine packaging,wine bottle holder and wine protective packaging,wine brand marketing & promotion.
Detailed Description

Personalized wine bottle packaging boxes for sale |for Johnie walker gold label |:


Custom wine packaging boxes material and printing/post-printing craft: special golden foil paper as outside paper reflect the consistency of logo gold color. The application of spot UV to custom wine gift boxes | bring more shiny effect to logo, enhance the brand popularization. Gold foil paper wrapping over recycle grey board has taken luxury wine packaging | ecopack | into account during custom wine product packaging development. 


Bespoke wine packaging boxes structure |: Lid & base structure. Lid made of plastic upgrade the high quality of wine bottle presentation packaging boxes | and the fitness of lid & base are enhanced too.The snapping feeling created by plastic wine boxes lid remind your target clients of luxury feeling.


Application: luxury wine presentation boxes | build luxury wine brand | wine bottle protective packaging | beautify wine product packaging | to promote the wine value and promote the marketing share. Original and innovative wine packaging design |  make differential competition come true.


Custom packaging wine solution |: This wine gift boxes is one great story of our luxury packaging boxes solution |. Material selection,model shape design, wine boxes structure design |, printing and post printing craft are bespoke as per original innovative wine packaging design |.

Added value: Pi sustainable packaging co., Ltd is a professional luxury wine packaging presentation boxes supplies company |, who integrate multiple luxury wine packaging materials | custom wine packaging solution | original innovative wine packaging design | luxury wine packaging display | into wine packaging |. Our one stop service for custom wine packaging solution | will not only provide you with wine bottle model shape design | wine boxes structure design | graphic design for wine gift boxes |, but also the wine promotional items and of cause wine boxes |. It will improve your purchasing working efficiency and reduce the purchasing cost.

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