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L'AFFICHE custom paper food product packaging boxes supplies
  • L'AFFICHE custom paper food product packaging boxes supplies
  • Product Performance:lunch box|meal box for Sogeres,collapsible structure.
  • Product Apply:food packaging,gourmet display, gourmet marketing & promotion, gourmet protective packaging.
Detailed Description
L'AFFICHE custom paper food product packaging boxes supplies |:
MOQ: 5000pcs;
Feature: foldable rigid boxes structure is very convenient for end-consumers, kitchen workers, packing workers. Meanwhile,it display gourmet as luxury as rigid boxes |, but can be flat packing. The food boxes will become placemat after folding.
Custom food product packaging concept |: user-friendly product packaging concept | appropriate product packaging concept respect cost effective | luxury product packaging display | original innovative food packaging design concept |. 
Material & production processing: Glossy paper wrap over recycle grey board, matt lamination upgrade the sale appearance|. Logo is printed in bright green over brown background, so brand identity is very easily recognizable. Green printing inside stimulate the appetite of consumers. Velcro make the closure system be tight. 
Paper packaging boxes Structure: collapsible structure allows luxury display but flat packing, another one flap at middle form the whole box, it is replacement of magnet or velcro,finger tab reflect user-friendly concept. 
Custom food gift packaging solution |: This is one good case of our custom food packaging solution tailored to L'AFFICHE. Material selection, shape, dimensions, color, structure etc are all customizable. 
Application: protect gourmet during transportation, enlarge the value of your gourmet via creative structure design and agreeable graphic design, brand marketing, promote your marketing share, make end-consumers enjoy dinner and be willing to pay more for their dinners.
Add value: Pi sustainable packaging is one of leading custom food packaging companies |, who integrated original innovative food product packaging design | appropriate product packaging concept | user convenient catering packaging concept | into food packaging supplies |. Despite of appropriate product packaging concept, but we also respect luxury display for the gourmet highly. 
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