Macaron chocolate box manufacturers supply custom packaging boxes of chocolates |
  • Macaron chocolate box manufacturers supply custom packaging boxes of chocolates |
  • Product Performance: food safe chocolate packaging apply food safe packaging and luxury chocolate packaging concept display |.
  • Product Apply:candy packaging,cake packaging,marcaron packaging,cake & candy display, cake & candy protective packaging,cake & candy marketing & promotion.
Detailed Description
Macaron chocolate box manufacturers supply custom packaging boxes of chocolates |:
MOQ: 5000pcs;
Brand: Pi sustainable packaging;
Custom chocolate product packaging concept |: food safe packaging | luxury custom product packaging | concept expound your macaron and company and keep them hygeian|. 
Chocolate packaging material and production craft: pure wooden pulp paper+recycle grey board and printed by edible vegetable base ink, food grade matt lamination & silver plastic blister made of virginal plastic are all combined together for your highly consideration of food safety and luxury macaron chocolate packaging display. Logo can be custom printed or stamping as per your demand. 
Product packaging boxes structure |: lid and base structure. The Macaron will showcase in front of target audience elegantly after you open the chocolate boxes lid. 
Custom chocolate product packaging solutions |: Pi sustainable packaging is one of most professional custom chocolate gift boxes suppliers |, who integrate natural and bio product packaging concept | luxury product packaging concept | into chocolate bar boxes packaging |. This is one successful story of our custom packaging solutions |. Material selection, structure, shape, dimensions, printing and post printing, production craft and so on all can be bespoke. 
Application: protective packaging for chocolate | our food safe packaging boxes will also reserve your chocolate in healthful condition | powerful salesperson at sales spot to boost your sales | build the social responsible enterprise image for food safety | demonstrate your chocolate in luxury way and make the value of your chocolate appreciate| our luxury chocolate packaging boxes inspire the shoppers' taste bud via visual and tactile sense |. 
Additional value: Our luxury product packaging concept | original innovative food safe packaging design | custom chocolate packaging solutions | not only make your chocolate jump out of fierce competition , but also strongly appeal the shoppers to take your delicious chocolate, make them feel comfortable to buy your macaron.
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