Custom printed cosmetic gift packaging boxes supplies for Jo MALONE | (4 compartments)
  • Custom printed cosmetic gift packaging boxes supplies for Jo MALONE | (4 compartments)
  • Product Performance: luxury cosmetic packaging display| dig out the natural & health value inside cosmetic, meanwhile, build eco-friendly image for cosmetic brand.
  • Product Apply:cosmetic packaging, cosmetic protective packaging, cosmeitc display, cosmetic marketing & promotion.
Detailed Description
Custom printed cosmetic gift packaging boxes supplies for Jo MALONE | (4 compartments):
MOQ: 5000pcs;
Brand: Jo MALONE;
Cosmetics packaging concept |: Luxury cosmetic packaging | eco friendly packaging | natural and bio packaging | concepts. 
Cosmetic packaging material and production craft: made of 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging material: FSC certificated fancy paper without lamination & recycle grey board, printed by eco base ink. Display the cosmetic in excellent luxury way, but integrate nature, eco friendly & sustainable into cosmetic product packaging design |.The natural & eco-friendly character also become the best name card to demonstrate the natural cosmetics ingredient. Credible quality of cosmetic boxes make consumers associate the consistent quality with cosmetic content. client's logo printed in black make brand be recognizable more easily.
Cosmetic packaging boxes structure |: drawer structure. platform made of cardboard as protective packaging and fasten cosmetic bottle tight. 
Custom packaging solution |: packaging boxes material selection | packaging box structure design | printing & post printing all can be customized as per original innovative cosmetic packaging design |. 
Application: cosmetic product protective packaging | cosmetic luxury display |, appeal your target audience purchase your cosmetic via natural/health/eco friendly appearance of cosmetic gift boxes | sustainable packaging concept | Building the great enterprise image of sustainable & eco-friendly, natural and responsible for health of consumers. 
Add-value: Pi Sustainable packaging co., Ltd is the professional cosmetic packaging suppliers | in China. Our original innovative cosmetic packaging design | will provide not only graphic design for cosmetic packaging boxes |, but also model design for cosmetic packaging bottle | cosmetic packaging jar | and so on. It will bring vogue and wow element to your cosmetic. Our natural & bio packaging concept as well as eco-friendly packaging concept will make beauties realise the natural and bio function inside your cosmetic.
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