Unique paper food gift packaging boxes wholesale for FAUCHON |:
  • Unique paper food gift packaging boxes wholesale for FAUCHON |:
  • Product Performance:Innovative food packaging design and model shape design, harmony color matching, stackable packing, one stop food service packaging solutions not only provide custom made meal boxes |, but also the disposable tableware |.
  • Product Apply:food packaging, food luxury display, catering marketing & building luxury brand image.
Detailed Description

Unique paper food gift packaging boxes wholesale for FAUCHON |:





Custom food product packaging concepts |: luxury food product packaging display | user friendly packaging concept |;


Custom food packaging structure: traditional product packaging structure: lid and base, original innovative food packaging gift boxes design not only make it convenient for luxury display, but also be convenient to stack and reduce the transportation freight. It is also convenient for the kitchen workers to prepare for the menu and improve their working efficiency. This unique paper food gift packaging boxes can also considered as an excellent example of custom eco friendly packaging solutions |, just because it reduce the carbon emission during transportation and dinning preparing. 


Custom meal packaging boxes material and printing and post printing |: glossy artpaper wrapping over recycle grey board is printed by solid special color: pink and black, which are the logo colors of FAUCHON, FAUCHON logo is also hot stamped on lid and printed on paper band to fasten lid and base. These factors are essential parts of brand culture and brand marketing.Glossy lamination bring shiny effect to decorate your gourmet. So it is easy for end-consumers to distinguish your brand at the first glance.


Custom food packaging solutions |: The color, printing, shape, material, dimensions, structure of custom lunch boxes and so on all can be custom made. Pi sustainable packaging company is professional to offer your custom made food packaging solutions tailored to your special demand. 


Application: display your gourmet in luxury way, innovative food packaging boxes design also create romantic and relax atmosphere for gourmet lovers, promote your gourmet brand to luxury level, keep your gourmet from pollution by food packaging and exterior offood packaging boxes |. 


Additional value: Pi sustainable packaging companies is a leading food product service packaging suppliers in China |, whose one stop service will not only offer gourmet companies custom made food safe packaging gift boxes | but also disposable tableware |. So we help them improve the purchasing efficiency and reduce their purchasing cost. Our original innovative food safe packaging design will help gourmet brand create unique shape for food safe packaging boxes | as well as the model shape design for their disposable tableware | disposable plates | disposable cutlery | and so on, all these factors aim to achieve differential competition and enlarge your marketing share. 

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