eco friendly cheap custom bamboo wooden food safe meal packaging boxes  |
  • eco friendly cheap custom bamboo wooden food safe meal packaging boxes |
  • Product Performance:natural bamboo/wood material and original ecological appearance enhance natural, health, food safe feeling. Advocate the idea of close to nature and return to nature in food packaging |.
  • Product Apply:food packaging,lunch box|meal box,catering marketing & promotion, sustainable packaging & eco-friendly packaging.
Detailed Description

eco friendly cheap custom bamboo wooden food safe meal packaging boxes |:

MOQ: 5000pcs;

Brand: Pi sustainable packaging;


Food packaging material and craft: is made of natural bamboo and wooden, sewn by food grade string. Logo can be engraved by laser to amplify your brand identity. Color, shape, dimensions are customizable. 


Function: it can be used as wooden sushi boxes | meal boxes | lunch boxes |. Demonstrate the natural and value of your gourmet via the natural bamboo wooden boxes | brand marketing | promote marketing share | build responsible enterprise image for food safe and environmental protection | make your gourmet appreciate and so on. 


Character: Dimensions: 240*75*55mm; waterproofing and grease proof; non-microwaveable; 100% biodegradable and compostable; eco-friendly, resistant temperature: -15-100℃; food safe certification.


Added value:Pi sustainable packaging is very professional to apply natural & bio concept | sustainable packaging concept | eco-friendly packaging concept | to food safe packaging boxes |. So we make your customers feel your efforts and actions to practice great enterprise's social responsibility in eco-friendly, natural, food safe. 

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