Devotion luxury mens jewelry display packaging boxes
  • Devotion luxury mens jewelry display packaging boxes
  • Product Performance:Devotion jewelry box, fabric box, creative structure display luxe jewelry.
  • Product Apply:jewelry packaging, jewelry display,luxe jewelry brand & goods marketing & promotion, building luxury jewelry brand image.
Detailed Description

Devotion luxury mens jewelry display packaging boxes |:



Brand: Devotion; 

Feature: luxury jewelry packaging display | original & innovative jewelry packaging design |. 


custom jewelry packaging concept |: luxury product packaging concept for luxury jewelry packaging |, show jewelry in precious way. 

Jewelry packaging boxes | structure: creative clamshell structure which inspired by shape of clamshell, the ring is delivered by nature and imply the nature lovers for ever. 

Material: plastic or wooden jewelry packaging gift boxes is made of plastic block or wooden block, and wrapped by fabric. create the soft touching feeling and romantic atmosphere. material selection is custom made, so paper jewelry gift boxes | leather jewelry gift boxes | wood jewelry gift boxes | wooden jewelry gift boxes | and so on are available. For example, if you prefer to Khaki color of flax fiber fabric, then we can custom jewlery packaging boxes | of khaki flax fabric as following picture:

luxury jewelry packaging boxes

Production processing: gold stamping, silver stamping, silk screen printing are available, we can apply your own logo to custom printing jewelry box |. So that the jewellery gift boxes will broaden your brand identity. 

Color: the color of exterior material & linning can be bespoke too. So we can produce black jewelry box | pink jewelry box | and so on.

Dimensions: the dimension of small jewelry presentation box | can be custom made, so we can enlarge this small jewelry boxes to large jewelry display boxes according to your demand.

Application: This custom jewellry packaging boxes can be applied to earring, ring, necklace and so on. So it is also called handmade ring jewelry boxes | personalized earring jewelry boxes | necklace jewelry boxes | etc. It also fit for men, women, girls,jewelry boxes for women |  mens jewelry boxes | girls jewelry boxes | jewelry boxes for girls | are its byname. Due to the creative structure, elegant handmade craft, your jewelery will be promoted & display in luxury way, so we also entitle it jewelry gift boxes wholesale | jewelry display box wholesale | jewellry presentation boxes wholesale |. 

Brand: this unique jewelry box | is packaging for famous jewelry brand: Devotion. 

Added-value: this unique jewelry boxes | personalized jewelry box | will make your jewelry different from your competitors and upgrade your jewelry & your prestige brand. This luxury custom jewelry packaging boxes | will also make your customers feel respected highly, and improve their shopping experience. 


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