Luxe custom made wine packaging gift boxes for Louis XIII
  • Luxe custom made wine packaging gift boxes for Louis XIII
  • Product Performance: luxury wine product packaging and multiple wine product packaging material application as protective packaging for wine bottle holder | convenient for carrying and luxury display .
  • Product Apply:wine packaging,wine bottle holder and wine protective packaging.
Detailed Description

Luxe custom made wine packaging gift boxes for Louis XIII |:


MOQ: 5000pcs;

Brand: Louis XIII belonged to Remy martin;


Custom wine product packaging design concept |: luxury wine product packaging design concept display | user-friendly packaging concept for disassemble and carrying. 


Material & production craft: Special red fancy paper wrapping over recycle chip board composite Louis XIII logo color and make shoppers associate with the prestige brand. Plastic board as placemat of wine bottle holder protect luxury leather wine gift boxes from scratching and convenient to pull the wine bottle holder out of wine box. Handle made of red PU is also convenient to carry the whole wine box. 


Wine product packaging box structure |: This luxe box will pack Louis XIII luxury wine gift packaging boxes made of PU inside. Creative wine packaging boxes structure display the leather wine boxes in innovative manner after open the front flap.


Custom wine product packaging solution |: Pi sustainable packaging company is one of leading wine gift packaging boxes suppliers. From material selection, packaging boxes structure design, logo and graphic design to application of proper production craft, we aim to help you build and upgrade prestige brand, make your wine stand out from fierce competition and drive shoppers willing to pay more for your wine via improvement of shopping experience. 


Application: branding marketing and promotion,enlarge the value of wine, increase the brand identity recognization and build the prestigious brand, avoid wine bottle damage by vibration during transportation. 


Additional value: This is one case of our customizable luxe box. Our original innovative wine packaging design|custom wine packaging solution| multiple material application will make your wine different from competitors and become the strong marketing force to inspire shoppers buying appeal. 



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