luxe custom made leather wine packaging gift boxes for Louis XIII
  • luxe custom made leather wine packaging gift boxes for Louis XIII
  • Product Performance:luxury wine packaging boxes display | original innovative product packaging design | Luxury packaging material application and innovative wine packaging design become the luxury blood of prestigious brand.
  • Product Apply:wine packaging | wine bottle holder | wine protective packaging |
Detailed Description

luxe custom made leather wine packaging gift boxes for Louis XIII |:

MOQ: 5000pcs; 

Brand: Louis XIII; 


Custom wine product packaging concept |: Luxury wine product packaging concept display | original innovative wine packaging boxes design |  


Material and production craft: Application of red PU, gold stamping logo on side board and auto lock outside the wine box emphasize the brand identity. Special velvet material play the role of wine protective packaging and metal hook fasten the wine bottle neck. Mirror made of polishing metal increase the luxury elements to wine packaging |.


Structure; Automatic closure system and two parts jointed by mirror board also become very important parts to build the luxury image by this luxe boxes |.


Custom luxe wine packaging gift boxes solutions |: This is an excellent examples of our custom made luxury packaging solution |. The material selection, structure design, color scheme, shape, etc are customizable as per our original innovative luxe wine product packaging boxes design |. 


Application: Protect wine and wine bottle in safe condition during transportation, there is a luxe custom made wine packaging gift boxes  as protective packaging for this red leather luxe wine gift boxes |, upgrade your brand and wine to luxury level, appreciate the value of wine via the luxury wine packaging boxes |.

Added value: Our original innovative wine packaging design will not only provide you with the shape model design, but also multiple function design and graphic design as well as wine packging boxes structure design | ect. The custom luxury wine packaging solution will differ your wine and brand from your competitors |, attract shoppers' eye, appeal them to be willing to pay more for your wine.

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