heart shaped candy chocolate gift box packaging for famous chocolate brand: Lily
  • heart shaped candy chocolate gift box packaging for famous chocolate brand: Lily
  • Product Performance:food grade and healthy requirement are achieved by partly application of natural & bio concept application, creative color scheme as well as soft and rigid chocolate packaging gift boxes application bring romantic luxury and vogue style to your chocolate.
  • Product Apply:chocolate packaging, candy packaging, chocolate and candy display, chocolate and candy marketing & promotion.
Detailed Description

heart shaped candy chocolate gift box packaging for famous chocolate brand: Lily |:

MOQ: 5000pcs;

Brand: Lily;

Custom made chocolate and candy presentation packaging concept |: Mixing natural and bio chocolate packaging concept partly| luxury packaging concept become the most powerful marketing tool to present your chocolate and brands. 


Food safe packaging material and printing craft: pure wooden pulp paper plus recycle grey board as well as printed by edible vegetable base ink/food grade matt lamination /blister made of virginal plastic and related factors focus on meet food safety requirement of chocolate packaging boxes |, at the same time, the heart shape of chocolate packaging gift boxes entitle your chocolate as love expression tool, this point will extend your chocolate marketing function. Rigid and luxury looking promote your chocolate value as end-consumers associate credible quality of our chocolate candy packaging boxes consistent with your chocolate quality |. The ribbon and flowers are custom printed in chocolate color to packaging your chocolate, it not only borrow the soft touching feeling of ribbon, but also bring the visual sense of chocolate flower printed on chocolate boxes to enlarge your chocolate demonstration methods. Warm tone stimulate shoppers' strong appetite to try your delicious chocolate and enjoy the delicious chocolate. 


Packaging boxes structure |: apply traditional chocolate packaging boxes structure which we call lid and base structure. Heart shape create the romantic atmosphere and make this candy chocolate boxes consider as a gift to your lovers |. 


Custom chocolate packaging solutions |: Pi sustainable packaging is one of famous custom chocolate gift packaging boxes suppliers |, who professionally merge natural and bio product concept | luxury product packaging concept | into packaging for chocolate|. This is one of successful chocolate packaging stories for famous gourmet brand: Lily. 


Application: protective packaging protect chocolate | food safe packaging boxes will prevent your chocolate from pollution | create the social responsible enterprise and brand image of food safety | market your chocolate in luxury way and increase the value of your chocolate | brand marketing | luxury chocolate packaging boxes stimulate the shoppers' taste bud via visual and tactile sense |. 


Added value: Pi sustainable packaigng company is artistically introduce multiple chocolate packaging concept | multiple food safe packaging material | multiple custom packaging craft to luxury chocolate packaging gift boxes supplies |. So that your chocolate and brands will be promoted, they will bring sustainable sales increasing to your chocolate company thanks to responsible and luxury brands building by chocolate packaging gift boxes |. 


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