De luxe wine bottle presentation packaging boxes for Martell 1715
  • De luxe wine bottle presentation packaging boxes for Martell 1715
  • Product Performance: firm feeling created by rigid wine boxes shape, plus rich colorful tone and so on are composed of luxe wine packaging boxes display |.
  • Product Apply:wine packaging,wine bottle holder and wine protective packaging, luxury wine brand building.
Detailed Description


De luxe wine bottle presentation packaging boxes for Martell 1715 |:

Brand: Martell.

MOQ: 5000;

Custom wine product packaging concept |: luxury wine product packaging concept display | original innovative wine packaging gift boxes design |.  


Bespoke wine product packaging material and printed craft |: glossy art paper+grey board reflect the luxury packaging idea. Warm tone demonstrate Martell's logo color and appeal wine lovers to taste your wine. Spot UV make Martell logo be more shiny and seize more end-consumers' eye easily. Blister+khaki flocking create soft touching feeling when it play the essential role to protect wine bottle. Matt lamination and elegant handmade craft  become the essential part of luxury quality for your wine and brand. 


Personalised wine packaging boxes structure |: wine gift boxes | apply lid linked to base structure, so the luxury wine will display in front of shoppers luxury when the lid is open. It provides a great opportunity for shoppers to feel the luxury quality of wine & wine packaging via visual and tactile senses. So we improve your end-consumers' shopping experience and boost your wine sales. 


Application: building the luxury brand image via improving the quality of wine packaging | demonstrate wine luxury and make wine appreciate dramatically | protect the wine and wine bottle as wine bottle holder | Beautify the wine via packaging to promote the marketing share | improving shopping experience via the elegant appearance and agreeable design as well as believable quality|. 


Custom wine packaging solution |: This wine box is a successful story of our luxury wine packaging solution. In this custom wine boxes |, all material, shape, structure, dimension, production craft are custom made according to original innovative packaging design.


Value-add: Pi Sustainable packaging co.,Ltd is the professional custom wine packaging gift boxes supplies company |, who is professional in original and innovative wine packaging boxes design | wine eco-friendly packaging concept | luxury wine packaging |. Our original and innovative wine packaging design include not only graphic design, but also wine packaging box structure design, model shape design for wine bottle as well as wine packaging boxes and so on. These service as well as wine promotional items sourcing are composed of our one stop service to improve your purchasing efficiency and reduce your purchasing cost.

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