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Cosmetic packaging is able to bite your heart

Are you serious? Are you kidding? Haha! How to bite my heart? Maybe there are a lot of other guess emerging in the mind of the audience who are reading this article. Do you think which kind of animal is able to bite you softly, however, it will not hurt you?


Let’s continuous with our discussion about cosmetic packaging via actual product pictures:

Maybe some of public audience who are planning to purchase cosmetic are still not able to understand the title of this article. Please allow me to explain more. Have you seen clamshell which have two half of shells and round shapes? When the small soft sea fish or other sea fresh swim around the clamshell, the open clamshells will close and bit the fishes. Different from clamshell which will kill small fishes, cosmetic packaging design shown on above pictures are able to bite the hearts of potential cosmetic customers and hook them to learn more detail about your cosmetic brand and product functions as well as other message. If your product effect is good enough, this fantasy marketing function will transfer potential purchasing desire into actual purchasing.


In order to achieve similar marketing effect, you can also adopt following original innovative cosmetic packaging design:

cosmetic packaging

The structure on above pictures which are adopted by LA MER also apply original ecological design idea: clamshell. Clamshell will not only hook potential purchasers’ heart, but also build strong emotional link with original ecological pearl which is living inside of clamshell. This is another wonderful marketing function to enhance your beautifying and whitening cosmetic product functions. Of cause, these two custom cosmetic packaging designs are only suitable to contain luxury cosmetic items, as they are expensive. If your products are not luxury enough, then your profit will be absorbed by them partly. 

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