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Chocolate boxes packaging | tell you something about Chinese chocolate market data

As you knew, Chinese has occupied about 20 percent of whole world population. Most important, the middle income group has been growing up to reach or exceed American middle group volume soon. As per the investigation by food government department, the total consumption of leisure snack in Chinese market has exceeded 1 trillion Chinese dollars in 2017, it is estimated to reach 2 trillion dollars around 2022. So huge consumption demand has been attractive by eyes from all over the globe. Only in Chocolate market, the total volume has also reached about 30 billion dollars in 2017. However, most of chocolate in Chinese market is purchasing abroad. The percentage has reached about 95. It is really a pity for domestic chocolate brands.


There is an exciting digital report: Chinese average chocolate consumption volume per person is less than 1/10 of Japanese, less than 1/20 of American. That means Chinese market potential consumption volume is huge. However, every chocolate brand still encountered two difficult marketing issues about chocolate: chocolate consumption behave belongs to low frequency consuming. Secondly, chocolate selling always face rigid and obvious peak and slack sales period. Chocolate boxes packaging designers always need to touch with chocolate marketing manager and product developers. As per their data, they have several secret tips to reduce the above two difficulties. First of all, you can enrich the functions of your chocolate. For example, you can integrate refreshing function into chocolate. Meanwhile, you can match with original innovative chocolate boxes packaging design as following pictures:

custom wooden chocolate boxes packaging design

In a result, your target clients will be refreshed by not only original and natural as well as healthy chocolate ingredient, but also original ecological wooden chocolate boxes packaging design. Furthermore, you can also integrate travelling concept into your chocolate boxes packaging design as below picture:

custom cosmetic packaging

So that you can lead their heart to travel to ancient Egypt pyramid, lead their taste bud to travel ancient Egyptian style.


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