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Custom jewelry packaging contains rich Chinese traditional culture of marriage jewelry

Nowadays, most of young couples need to purchase luxury jewelry when they are going to enter wedding palace. Purchasing luxury jewelry become rigid demand for engagement couples in China. However, as domestic or foreign jewelry brands owners, do you know the rich Chinese traditional culture about marriage jewelry? Do you realize the deep demand to purchase luxury jewelry? Do you know which three kinds of jewelry items are the necessary jewelry for marriage?


In fact, Chinese traditional three golden jewelry have contained deep and long as well as fabulous meanings. It carries a lot of ardent blessing from old generation to young couples, it also carries the fantasy anticipation of husband family about the happy life brought by new bride. Traditional Chinese three gold jewelry include necklace, ring, ear pendant or bangle. Due to the special functions of marriage gold jewelry, new couples always need to purchase multiple sets of jewelry items, more than three necessary golden jewelry itemsJ sometimes, they need to purchase a whole set from ring, earring, pendants, bracelet, foot bracelet, necklace etc. Most important, these jewelry items should have fantasy blessing to new couples life. As foreign jewelry brands who are planning to enter Chinese jewelry market, you have to learn more detail about Chinese marriage culture and then adjust your marketing strategic, that means you need to develop a whole sets or at least three essential gold jewelry items to meet their demand. Meanwhile, your Custom jewelry packaging must also carry happy elements and ardent blessing. The following pictures of jewelry packaging boxes design are the excellent example to meet deep demand of traditional Chinese jewelry market:

At the first glance, end consumers can feel sweeten atmosphere generated by Chinese red. Prosperous cloud shape are embedded into custom jewelry packaging design. This jewelry packaging design element is the best carrier for eager blessing of old generation to their young couples.


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