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Jewellery packaging boxes will evoke childhood memories

When you are a kid, have you played wonder-world building block? I think most of the audience have the fantasy memories about playing magic block when they were a kid. At least, I have played that during my childhood, it has also brought wonderful childhood memories. At that time, I have competed with my brothers or classmates or other little companions. In my opinion, this period of memories is not forgettable and always brought delight/joys etc to me.


When we grew up to adult and come to engage to marriage, if your future partner is able to evoke this period of fantasy childhood memories, what is your first feeling? Anyway, let’s continue our discussion via actual pictures:

jewellery packaging boxes

When you look at the above wooden jewellery packaging boxes, does it look like a wall made of block? Do you know that it is formed by two parts of wooden block? Most important, this custom wooden jewellery packaging boxes can be transformed into other shape like wonder-world building blocks. Do you believe in me? Before actual pictures of wooden jewelry display boxes, maybe most of you still would like to challenge me: are you kidding? Is it really? All of your questions will be close by the following actual images:

jewelry packaging

This one looks like a bricks, right? When we show you the following pictures, maybe you are able to understand how Pi sustainable packaging company is able to integrate wonder-world building block into jewellery packaging boxes design:

custom jewelry packaging

When the engaged bride receive so wonderful wooden jewellery packaging boxes design, her wonderful childhood memories will be evoked by you. Then she will love you more and more stronglyJ haha. This point will enrich the sales point of diamond jewelry.


In fact, we are not only able to introduce building block into our custom jewelry packaging design, but also honeycomb:

original wooden jewelry packaging boxes design

The honeycomb wooden jewellery packaging boxes are able to link diligent bee image to engaged boy, plus natural and honest image created by original ecological wooden texture.

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