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Watch packaging boxes reduce watch brand bump against packaging display

In daily life, when you are bumping against a shirt with your friends or workmate or schoolmate at any occasion, what is your feeling? The answer is definitely awkward between you and that one you bumped against shirt. If you are super star or high grade in social class and you wear exact same jewelry or luxury watch as anyone you encounter, this scene should be more awkward than shirt.


Relatively speaking, watch packaging boxes are always considered as the fashions or shirt of watch brands. If your watch brand wear exact same fashions as your competitors or more luxury brands than yours, then the public audience will doubt that you are a faker or you are a lower one. Once this purchasing psychological perception has formed inside the deep mind of public audience, then your watch brand will lose the first round of competition. The end consumer will not consider your watch brands as purchasing option. However, when you are able to customize luxury watch packaging boxes as following pictures:

I believe the possibility of your watch brand to bump against shirt with your competitors is super tiny. Most important, even though your watch is not so luxury as your competitors, in the front of your unique wooden and leather personalized watch packaging design, your watch public audience will have a higher opinion of your brand. When they are attracted to learn more detail about your watch, they will play this wooden watch packaging boxes, then it will be transformed into following shape:

So far, do you think that your brand and your watch inside this original innovative watch packaging boxes design is unique and is impossible to bump against a shirt with anyone all over the globe. If yes, then your marketing and advertisement purpose has been achieved partly at least.


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