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watch packaging | reveal the secret of most classical marketing legend

watch packaging | reveal the secret of most classical marketing legend:


Do you know what the biggest marketing lie is all over the world? Maybe everyone can remember a legend marketing slogan: diamond is forever, one piece can pass forever. In fact, diamond is one kind of mineral which is very hard. Without hardness, diamond does not have any other feature which benefit to human being. However, after smart business men marketing and jewelry packaging | as well as advertisement, its price has exceeded gold far. Do you know how to do that?


At the beginning, diamond locates at Australia, Africa, America etc, but the volume is very tiny. However, due to without any value, the boss of mineral dispose diamond all round mineral mills. Along with smart business men involved, they start with creation ring by diamond. Most important, based on hard feature, they entitle diamond to be symbol of boldness, power, social class, dignity. Meanwhile, luxury jewelry packaging | has been adopted to enhance brave/powerful and precious value of diamond ring as below:

After that, the retail price of diamond climb straightly. Nowadays, diamond become the symbol of love and loyalty and become the essential products for marriage as well as loving young people. Without diamond ring, that means you don’t respect this love relation. That means you don’t care the other party. That means you don’t believe in your love, don’t believe in your marriage etcJ Maybe you would like to question me if an old stone is important, my answer is definitely important. As stone not only represent stone itself, it represent love, belong the testing tool for true love. In fact, this is the functions of culture to help diamond ring create so much excessive value.


Same as jewelry, value of watch itself is also very tiny: accurate time. However, luxury watch packaging | in following picture entitle your watch precious time image:

Two parts of watch packaging boxes on above picture need to fit to each other super accurate. Without accuracy, three parts of watch boxes | can’t be close. After playing so innovative watch packaging design |, I believe your potential buyers can experience your watch value by tactile and visual. This is the power of watch packaging |. 

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