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Chocolate boxes packaging | will build smooth bridge and path to sales peak season of Mid-Autumn day

Chocolate boxes packaging | will build smooth bridge and path to sales peak season of Mid-Autumn day:


As you knew, Mid-Autumn day is coming soon. Every kind of gifts brands or company or manufacturing have been busy with design, marketing, promotion, production, packaging etc. Chocolate brands can’t ignore such kind sales peak season.


Normally speaking, Mid-Autumn day is a big traditional festival. On this special day, busy people will be on holiday to celebrate their harvest in ancient era. For example, they will prepare for some snack/tea/cake/delicious gourmet to God of moon on Mid-Autumn day. Nowadays, a lot of persons consider this special day as gift presentation to express their appreciation to their customers/their leaders/their friends/their relations etc. Chocolate is one of their best choice as gift. However, as you knew, there are a lot of chocolate brands in open market. As a chocolate brand marketing manager, do you feel difficult to make your chocolate differ from your competitors?


Chocolate boxes packaging | may be able to help you. Normally speaking, during harvest season, busy people will bless their social circle that they have a harvest year in next year under soft light of moon. If you are able to build strong link between moon/harvest wish and your chocolate, then the possibility of your potential clients made purchasing decision will increase. For example, chocolate packaging | in following picture is an excellent example:

Your delicious chocolate looks like harvest fruit of your potential clients. When they open wooden chocolate boxes | carefully, their harvest fruit will emerge slowly along with rotation of chocolate gift boxes with lids |. After open, wooden packaging boxes for chocolate | is able to transform from rectangle shape to be a bridge. So that you can easily build the strong emotional bridge entering your potential clients’ deep heart, same as their best wish to their social circle. Here is another one similar design which is helpful for your financial control:

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